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Who is that boy or girl you should have hooked up with in grade school?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) July 25th, 2010

or even high school or college? what was his/her name? why didn’t you see his/her potential? are they now quite prosperous or even famous? or even so beautiful in adult life that you wish you paid more attention when you were avoiding them in school?

what prevented you from seeing the potential mate? why?

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I don’t have regrets about those things.The boy that I refused to go to prom with is now working as an art director in films…good for him :)

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it was this girl i knew in freshman year of high school. her name was lanita. she sat by me in english lit while we studied shakespeare. i did not realize she liked me until years later. while in class one day, she continously tried to give me her address to her house so i could visit her. i acted like i did not know how to get there. this was so stupid on my part. we had a connection as far as literature and the arts but i was too stupid and immature to realize it.

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Uh. You shouldn’t be “hooking up” with anyone in grade school.

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In grade school… no one. I was a kid, and I’m glad I got to be a kid.
In high school, there’s a guy I liked who I found out years later liked me too. I thought he was a little too nerdy to be acceptable for my friends (ahh, high school), and he thought I wouldn’t have given him the time of day. Turns out, we were both wrong. It’s not that he turned out so beautiful or anything (although he’s good looking), just that he turned out even awesomer than he was then.

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@MrItty no, my point is you have attractions to girls or boys in grade school, but you dont know why. you’re too young to know why, but when you look back, it’s like wow—i should have paid more attention.

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I used to sit behind Susanna M. in 5th grade and give her braids a playful tug every other day. She wasn’t very cute then, but boy did she grow up pretty.

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Boys at school were not on my radar until 7th grade. I was too scrawny and small for them at the time. They went for the more developed girls. I did like one guy, but when I told him I thought he was cute, he actually said “Oh, Gawd no – you’re ugly!” :/

Dollars to doughnuts every guy who thought I was ugly/scrawny/useless in middle or high school would be absolutely gobsmacked at how I look now. Hahahahahaha!

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@kevbo thanks my point exactly. thank you for reading the whole question.

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There is a girl named Julie who wanted to date me very badly my freshmen year of highschool. I wasn’t very attracted to her because I had my sights set on a completely distant, untouchable girl (as usual) that I was convinced I loved.

We stayed friends but lost touch near the end of highschool. My sophomore year of college, I bumped into her again and found that she is ludicrously beautiful. I mean… absolutely stunningly exquisite. It is ridiculous how gorgeous she is now. We’re friends again, but she has the goofiest damn boyfriend I have ever seen in my life (not because I’m jealous, this guy is quantifiably a doofus).

I screwed up big time.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard dude that couldve been you bro. i know exactly what you are saying.

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in second grade, this boy used to chase me around the playground, trying to kiss me. I didnt like it.
High school, that trumpet player – he could have been a keeper.
college – all those trumpet playin men in college – they were awesome

Where’s Chuck Mangione? Got his digits??

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The one who’s filthy rich today.

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A tall, not terribly pretty but very popular girl I knew in junior and senior high school went on to become a beautiful. fairly well-know Hollywood actress named Gayle Hunnicutt (her birth name) starting in in the ‘60. She married an even better known British actor (David Hemmings) and made some fairly popular movies here and abroad. I had a reunion lunch with her in the ‘90s when she and I were both visiting our home town. Interestingly, Gayle became friends with my mother, who coached her for a couple of plays she did in Fort Worth. Google Gayle if you’re interested.

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She was quite fetching.

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Yes, @SeventhSense, but she never fetched me. ;-)

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Pshh, I was the one that no one was hooking up with :P

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No regrets here.

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I never went to a public high school, but I had the biggest crush on a boy name Bryce in sixth grade. Do I regret not hooking up with him? No, No, and No!! He has become such a disgusting loser. He’s been with like 15 chicks and he is an uneducated pot head..and he’s only 18 and still in school because he failed sixth grade three times.. :/

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I was a sophomore in HS and there was this girl in my English class who I didn’t even notice until I got to sit next to her one day early in the school year, we became best friends, and I also had a really big crush on her….because she always made me laugh (she was the only girl that could ever make me laugh like she did) and I always made her laugh, it always made feel really bad when I didn’t get to see hers some days :\ since we were best friends I couldn’t ruin our really good friendship to ask her out… the school year went by and and then the school year ended…...then my dad decided to move during the middle of summer and I never got to see her after that….but we kept in touch…so I decided to tell her that i had a really big crush on her (since i knew that our friendship could only fade with the time and the distance) after i told her that, she told me that she had an even bigger crush on me than I did….ugh :(( this always makes me feel soo sad….but we still keep in touch !! :)

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I should have continued dating Tyler King. We went to the same HS; he was a mature freshman and I was a junior. We dated for less than two weeks, but all my friends teased me about his age, so I ended breaking up with him.

He was the only non-jock I ever dated in highschool, and I think i would have had a better time before college if we stayed together. He was actually a deep thinker, we had the best conversations, but instead, I just kept hooking up with the cocky, athletic guys (who weren’t even that good-looking by jock standards) that didn’t have the best influence on me.

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When I was in sixth grade, this cute little boy asked me out. Out of complete shock, I blurted out a very rude NO!

Ever since then I’ve regretted it. Only because the little boy grew up to be a person that went down the wrong path and eventually was murdered. I always think about what kind of good influence I could have had over him.

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