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How to make two male dogs get along?

Asked by davidstander (5points) July 25th, 2010

I have a pit bull lab and rottweiler mix, I just found two labs wandering around along the country roads where I live how do i keep these dogs and get them to get a long?
one is about 6 months and the other on is about maybe 1 month old. Please help me.

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I’ve heard that lopping off their gonads helps. I’ve never given it the acid test.

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i am afriad by doing that will make the dog mean all the way around

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You need to be consistent with your discipline. They are both very young still.

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The older dog (Pitt/Rott) mix is older than the two labs and he’ll likely be nurturing and patient with the puppies. He likely will establish himself as the Alpha dog. Neutering a male dog does not make them mean. It gradually reduces their aggressiveness to other adult dogs. I recommend it highly for big powerful dogs.

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You have to give them a proper introduction. They have to meet in a neutral place. If you just bring the new dogs into your home without letting your other dogs meet them elsewhere, your dogs will feel threatened by the new dogs. It’ll take a lot of persistence and discipline but it can be done. You just have to show them who’s boss.

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Neutering all of the dogs would be the way to go here. It will reduce aggressiveness. Gradually introduce the dogs to each other while you are there. They should be fine.

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I had two male dogs, they were the best of friends.

My brother has two male dogs. They are inseparable.

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put the to dogs in separate cages next to each other so they can see an smell each other. eventually they will both learn their place in te house and they will be fine.

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