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How many times have you been in love?

Asked by johnny (335points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

was it worth it? If you fall in love so many times, could that mean true lobe doesn’t exist? I’ve never been in love before so I’m curious.

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Love is such a broad term. I would say once, citing my boyfriend but that wouldn’t take in to account my parents and humanity in general and my closest friends and my passions.

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I would say just once. With my wife. I have been married before but was notin love. After 15 years, and all the chalenges, I can honestly say I love my wife more today than when I married her.

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I’ve been in love 1time, and I think I will be in love forever…

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I like to say that I’ve never been in love. I’m not entirely sure if thats what it was I felt with my past relationships so just to be on the safe side I tell myself that I cared for them deeply.

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I thought I was once and then came to discover that I fell in love with an “idea” not a person. .eventually I have grown in my maturity to discover what love means and it is so beyond the puppy dog infatuation mentality. To be honest it can really suck sometimes, if I may be so eloquent :P… but it’s love.

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I’ve been in love 100 times, if not 1,000. Every time it changes into something different.

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I would say three times. And saying “I Love You” normally coincides with me doing something monumentally stupid. I try to avoid it now.

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3 times. First “puppy love”, first “committed love”, first “love for the rest of my life”.

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2 times both of them “for the rest of my life”

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Kevbo has me beat. Hey Kevbo, wanna fall in love with me and make it 1001? You’d be around somewhere in the middle for me, let’s just call it 501 for the sake of convenience.

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Once, with my wasband.

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@DeezerQueue, hell yeah! You’d just have to find me incredibly witty and entertaining. Also, you’d have to give me something else to call you, because “DeezerQueue! DeezerQueue!” just isn’t going to cut it in the sack.

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@johnny, regarding pt. II of your question (which I totally glossed over), I suspect others will disagree, but I guess if you believe in “true love,” that probably happens once or twice in your life. (I’ll cite an elder cousin who was a widower and remarried, and he said there’s more than one true love out there for us.) I’m a hopeless romantic, though, and I fall in love at the drop of a hat. I would say every one has been worth it, and that some have been more “true” than others. I guess, though, mainly I don’t worry about “true love” so much as recognizing that I feel a connection with someone (the drop of the hat part) and exploring that connection as far as it goes.

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You may call me Dee, then. In all seriousness, I’m a bit like you in that I also fall in love very easily, and it’s been true every single time. Love is a brilliant and wonderful thing. If you’re lucky enough to have it one or 1000 times, then you’ve had a good life.

On a lighter note, here’s a look at, if not true love, then young love, through the eyes of one of my favorites, Tom Lehrer

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Wow! That’s brilliant. Really funny.

Re: 1:1000, very well spoken. ;-)

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@DeezerQueue I loved that clip!

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Funny clip. Not true, but very funny.

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I’m glad that you all liked it. It’s all in good, clean fun.

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usually you fall in love, thinking its true love, only to be disappointed and realize it wasn’t love. As riser said its an idea and you just grow from the experiences.

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I’ve never been in love.
I believe you can “love” someone as a person,
but you only fall “in love” once and that is your soul mate.

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@lovelyy: I don’t believe in soul mates, although I do believe in kindred spirits. With “soul mates” there is always this idea of there being only ONE person for you that creeps me out. There are 6 billion people out there, do you really think only one of them could be right?

However, I have met lots of kindred spirits… and I think I have been really “in love” 3 times.

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