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Do you have a favorite television show?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 26th, 2010

Have you ever had one canceled on you? How did that make you feel?

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I have a few actually. And yes! I liked Friends, so i was sorry to see it go. Also, there was this one show, they only played one season (must have been the pilot one), it was called Wasteland, and that just stopped after the pilot series. Also, (ok, this one wasn’t cancelled, but still…) i used to watch Smallville, and suddenly, out of nowhere, when the next season started up again, they switched to another chanel with NO warning, and i didn’t know it moved over, so i’ve missed a few seasons of it now and i’m miffed about it, HMPH!!

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You may go ugh when you read this, but my current favorite show is “Hot in Cleveland.” Not for the three main stars/characters or the stories but for the legendary Betty White, whose timing is as funny and sharp as it ever was. This lady dates back to the dawn of TV, as do some of the wonderful elder actors they’ve been pairing her up with like Carl Reiner.

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Dead Like Me was my favorite show. It was on for two seasons on Showtime. I was so mad when it was canceled. Also they canceled Heroes and I was really surprised. That show was really great.

Currently, I have a few shows I can’t miss. I’m so in love with True Blood. And I can’t wait for September when Dexter come back. I started watching Weeds on Netflix a few months ago and I’m not sure when it premieres but I’m going to watch that too.

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Real Time with Bill Maher. I hate when the season ends.

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Curb your enthusiasm is currently my favorite atm.

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@Michael_Huntington I love Curb Your Enthusiasm too.

My current favourite is the Big Bang Theory.

The series I really enjoyed that ended up cancelled was Deadwood. They did the same with Carnival.

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For me the Lie to me* is unbeatable! But I like a lot True Blood too.

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The Bachelor/ette and Pawn Stars.

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Current favorite(s):
Two and Half Men
Big Bang
Hot in Cleveland

Pre-mature cancelation(s):
Pinky and the Brain

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Too many probably… Two and A Half Men, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, 90210 (the new one and I don’t know why, I missed the end of last season and am trying to not get started again, it’s so addicting). I’m sure there are a lot of others.

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i know nothing about all the so-called “rave” TV shows because all i watch is the news or the food network or the cooking channel.

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Yes, Mad Men.

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Love Mad Men. And Metalocalypse. Those are the only two shows I make an effort to watch these days. I’ve never been upset that a show was cancelled, though there’s always that tiny pang of sadness when a new actor become The Doctor. I just wait for the DVDs for Doctor Who

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@aprilsimnel I like the new Doctor, but my favorite was David Tennant.

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There’s been some in the past, mostly science fiction shows. Blakes Seven, Star Trek Next Gen, Babylon Five, Firefly. Torchwood is the most recent one (although oddly, I don’t like Doctor Who all that much). I was really disappointed when Firefly was cancelled after only one season.

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Ah Frecnhie, I love Greys Anatomy and Private Practice and Dancing with the Stars and I love Pawn Stars and Chopped and tonight I am watching Hell’s Kitchen Gordon is so mean but I cannot help but watch it. I love cooking and cooking shows! I also love animal shows and anything about wolves!

In my long life lots of shows have been cancled and the one that made me very sad was ER.

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