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Organization/Task Management/Homework on my Mac?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) July 26th, 2010

This summer i want to get way more organized for just my life and my senior year of high school. I have done some research on the GTD system, I’ve read the book, tried programs, etc, and have tried various note-taking methods.

I would like to have my GTD/notes available for me everywhere i go, so online or iPod touch compablity in a must. And a iPhone/iPod touch offline interface is also a major plus. I live on my Mac so it has to be Mac compatible too.

So have any of you had any experience with GTD programs or programs i hear about like Evernote or Toodoole.

Please help me get organized this summer. I want somewhere where i can turn to dump all my thoughts, ideas, and have a running to-do list. Give me your suggestions.

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Evernote does rock. I’m a PC, not a Mac, so I can’t give you much, but Lifehacker does a lot of stuff on this, including their HiveFive in which readers nominate certain things, then they show you the top five, and then readers vote for the top one. You’ll probably need different programs for different tasks.

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Are you using gmail? I know it sounds really basic, but gmail is awesome. It lets you search for emails really easily, and it’s organized really well. There are also a lot of cool features in the lab section. While you’re at it, start using google calendar. I use this all the time to keep track of my classes and homework/exams. I also add all my appointments. You can set it up so you get a text or email that reminds you of an appointment or class, and you can also set it up with the calendar app on your phone.

Dropbox is my favourite app right now. It lets you sync any file to all of your computers and your mobile phones. It’s so simple, just drag and drop. Everything gets synced near instantly.

I hear evernote is good too. I have an account but I never use it. You should check that out too.

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Yes thank you guys i G-mail and Dropbox for a while now and i love them both. but i am looking for more a system to keep me organized and let me know what i have to do. I have an evernote account and ive been trying it but to be honest i really don’t understand how it can help me. it just seems like everything will pile up and become even more lost.

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@ctferrarajr Evernote is like that shoe box in which you collect articles, comic strips, pictures, etc. except digital, larger, and with a filing system. For other notes, use something like OneNote (I’m almost positive it’s for Windows only, but you can look at it and get an idea of what that kind of program would look like.)
You can also use mind-mapping tools for taking notes in classes and creating outlines for papers.

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If you are searching for a freeware programme:

Remmeber The Milk It’s a web aplycation, easy to use, clear and fast. It has an iPhone app (paid) and have widget for mac too.

For to do list I use Ding, another widget for Mac.

Take a look to Kinkless too. It has iCal Sync and Quick Silver functions and it’s free.

If you are serious with the GTD and want something more elaborated you have to think on paid sofware like Things (very expesive for what it is, but maybe not for what it does…)

And well… there are a lot of reviwes on blogs of a larger number of apps for the GTD methodology, you just have to type “GTD Mac OS”

Hope it helps!
I’m spanish, sorry for my grammar sticklers fluthers!

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I use OmniFocus on my Macs, iPhone and iPad, and sync them all together through MobileMe. It’s an awesome tool. OmniGroup has been developing for OSX from the start, and their software makes the best use of Apple’s technologies. Lot’s of ways to organize and view your tasks by project or context.

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