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Why is a mosquito bite worse (itch factor) on your feet?

Asked by Jude (32098points) July 26th, 2010

Less fleshy area?

The mosquitos around here have fangs this summer, I swear.

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@jjmah I thought that was a good question. I was guessing lack of depth of tissue, but just a guess. The other thought was more fluid in the feet, therefore more posssible irritation because of gravity?

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Mosquitoes are after blood. If you look at the tops of your feet and hands, it is much easier to see the veins through these areas where the skin layers are thinner. I know what you mean about them itching more on feet. Just a guess. but maybe it is because there is less fat to prevent exposure to nerves. If you are still in the U.S., Band-Aid makes a wonderful gel for anti-itch that works like a charm.

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I think you imagine they itch more because of the nerve=endings on the feet. You scratch your foot and you also stimulate those nerves.
Put cortisone ointment on the bites.

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I don’t know about you, but my feet are far more sensitive than most other parts of my body.
Toothpaste is the best anti-itch treatment for mosquito bites in my opinion. Not the gel, you have to use actual paste… it looks silly, so put it on before bed, but it works like a charm.

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I find that the bites are usually behind my ears, at the back of neck and on top of chest and exposed parts of arms. Each bite itches equally badly.

Mosquitoes can draw blood from anyplace on your body. “If you prick us, do we not bleed?”

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The bottom of my feet are very sensitive. I would guess any sensitive area would be more prone to itchiness.

@gailcalled that quote is about a Jew in Shakespeares’ The Merchant of Venice’... not sure if mosquitoes really care of religious affiliation or what you do for a living… haha

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Mosquitoe bites itch more, the more you scratch. Get a tube of AfterBite, available at the drug store, it really does stop the itch. I keep one handy for the grandkids. As soon as they get bitten, just rub it on, before they scratch, and break the skin.

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@Cazzie, Shylock is comparing his ability to bleed when pricked with that of the rest of humanity. The speech is about our similarities and not our differences. He is protesting the community’s labeling him as a Jew and a moneylender and thus singling him out.

Mosquitoes are far more tolerant and enlightened, more’s the pity, since I am Jewish (although not in the banking business.

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@gailcalled hahaha… Nope, mosquitoes don’t care. They’ll happily infect anyone with what they’re carrying and suck their blood. And poor Shylock’s protestations…. and shining example of ‘turning the other cheek’.

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Here is a tip: take a piece of metal and heat it up (hot water, flame, etc), then press it on the bite.

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@ragingloli Possibly, probably a very valuable tip, but personally, I’m going to stick with the 1% cortisone ointment applied directly to the bite. If branding myself were the only option, sure, I’d give it try, not saying I wouldn’t, but the cortisone works plenty good enough for me. :)

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