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What are you like when you're beyond tired?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 26th, 2010

I’m living off of 6 hours sleep from Friday, folks. I’m barely able to function. Ask me a question; any question, and my response is likely to be” Blue shoes” (which I’ll say sleepily). Or, “beep”.

My tummy doesn’t feel all that hot and my eyes are like two pee holes in the snow. Time for a nap.

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I get irritable and pissed off easily. I have to use breathing techniques just so I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

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I can NOT shut up. I talk and talk and talk. It’s ridiculous.

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Beyond tired.

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I’m like a zombie. I zone out, I have a hard time paying attention, I mumble, I shuffle when I walk and I tend to bump into things even more than I do normally (and that’s still a lot). I say ridiculous things that make no sense. I lose focus and stare off into space. ....And then I topple over and pass out.

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At some point, become goosy and everything is funny!

Get some rest..

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My body and brain just shut down. But I try to avoid getting to that point. It’s so dangerous to drive overly tired.

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I play electric wizard or candlemass songs in my mind when I’m tired.

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The longest I’ve ever gone without sleep is 4 days and I was seeing things on that forth day. I also get very crabby and just want to be left alone.

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I get totally sleepy and jazzed up at the same time. I want to sleep so bad, I can’t.

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@tranquilsea, I had a similar experience. I once drove non-stop from Phoenix to Chicago, and when I was within less than a hundred miles of the city I started spacing out and seeing things. It was incredibly scary.

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I get very silly and laugh at practically everything. Then I start seeing things and day dream a lot more. My eyes feel like they’re burning inside my skull.

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beyond tired? I feels like I’m seeing the world while in another person’s body. everything’s a mess..

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Major brain fog.

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I am cranky! or I am gitty. I never know what I am going to be.

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@Austinlad For me, while seeing things time slowed down. I learned that I couldn’t drive when I had had that little sleep. I could go 100 and feel like I was going 50.

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Laugh manically, or cry jaggedly, or talk in a babbling manner if too much caffeine has been consumed. And if you are on an 11-hour road trip by yourself, I do not recommend listening to five Nancy Drew books on CD the entire way. It really messes with your mind for days.

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I can stay awake on pure adrenaline for up to three days, after that I start hallucinating (visual and auditory) and I’m dangerous to be around. Driving from New Hampshire to Idaho, I found myself talking to a leprechaun perched on the hood ornament of my car, at 70mph on I-90.

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I get dopey. I babble nonsense answers to questions and one time, I sang to my dishes as I washed them. I blink more, too. I think it’s an effort to stay awake. Oh, and my skin gets kind of tingly.

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Full of rage.but in a slow moving,pooped out way;)

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Just woke up from some sleepies. Fresh as a daisy.

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I sometimes will go 2 nights in a row with no sleep and I get defensive and cranky when I am that tired. I have a lot of decisions to make and knowing I am that tired I take extra precautions towards not doing anything dumb. I also carry pre-written apology notes and hand them out like confetti some days!

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Just myself.

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At that point, I am usually really bitchy and prone to laughing at stupid things.

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I get really hyper, then crash

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I get in this weird zombie like state where my body feels dead exhausted, but my mind is somehow still functioning. A strange kind of exhausted wiredness. I’ve experienced this feeling a number of times when staying up to absurd hours finishing papers, or the time I went to Hershey Park on 2 hours of sleep :D

@jjmah Why haven’t you been sleeping, girl?!

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@le_inferno Busy weekend. :)

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At my age, I don’t seem to have much control over it, I just fall asleep, where ever I am. When I was younger, I could just go on and on without any seeming problem, but I never actually tried to take it beyond my capacity.

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I become quite clumsy, and often drop things or fall.

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I just sit there with my hands and arms any which way in front of me and stare off into space. It’s like I’m a marionette or something that’s been placed upright.

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too tired to think, the only thing I can actually say, is: ‘um hmm’ and I look like a very old zombie xD :p
once, I had to travel for many hours, (summer holidays) and when I got to the house I’d stay in, a friend of mine was having a party for her birthday. the party was over at around 2 am, and I finally fell asleep next to the pool, but after half an hour, someone woke me up and told me we had to go out…. and we went back to the house, at around 6 am, and then the dog chased us, so I think I slept at 7 am. but only for few hours, then it was time for breakfast. and I looked awful: pale face in the middle of the summer, tired eyes, angry look xD :p

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