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How do you like to paint your nails?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) July 26th, 2010

Do you like painting them one color or doing some nail art?
How often dO you paint your nails?
What are your favorite colors?
Can you post some links of pictures of nails that you usually do on your nails?
What time do you paint your nails?
Do you get compliments?
I like making nail arts on my nails, I don’t really see what’s so special about having one colored nail polish:/

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I love the color orange. I was looking thru my nail polish the other day and I have about 8 different shades of orange. I generally just polish them, don’t do anything fancy at all. I polish them every 3 or 4 days, depends on how bad the polish chips as to how often I do it.

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Oh, I don’t – I’m just horrid at this process…because I’m such a perfectionist, I have to re-do it a hundred times…I gave it up after becoming an adult. Long ago, though, when I used to get tips done, I had some nail art but I think they were just little diamond things.

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@knitfroggy , wow! I only have 1 orange from GOSH! I haven’t even used it before:/

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I don’t decorate my nails.I like a beigey-pink or French manicure when I get them done.Sublety is everything;)

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It’s a process. I use a base coat, typically three color coats, and then a clear top coat. Takes me about an hour before I can use my hands again. I usually do my nails in front of the television. I like red, and french, and brown/pinks similar to mauve, but not quite that 80’s color. I have a few really bright colors for summer, kind of coral, and one kind of pink. Honestly, I like many colors. I match my polish to what I will be wearing. I would never do nail art on my nails (I did when I was a young teenager). I keep my nails about 2 to 4 millimeters above my fingertip. When I am working I change my polish every 5 days or so.. I’m not working now, so I sometimes go for days or weeks with just some clear, laziness really.

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@JLeslie , you are like me! I can never choose which color is my favorite, I like almost everything…

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I never paint my fingernails, I think my hands look really stupid with nailpolish. Strictly clear polish or a faint french tip if I’m going somewhere nice. I am in the habit of wearing my nails relatively short since I always have them short for work. I usually cut them right to the tip of my finger, so they are uniform and neat.. but not at all long.
My toenails are always fluorescent pink or orange, the brighter the better. Sometimes I paint my toenails cherry red.

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Fingernails are usually left plain toenails are painted black or dark purple

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I get weekly manicures and am such a nail polish whore. I have a list of colors that I love and lately I have been sporting “Vodka and Caviar” by OPI on my fingers and toes. But this past week I fell in love with the color “Suzi skis in the pyrenees” which is kinda a dark navy/greyish color. I love when people have fun colors on their nails & paint decorations (like stripes, or patterns).
@knitfroggy: OPI makes a killer orange, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll find out the name!

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@Samantha_Rae , coolness!:D
Tomorrow am thinking of doing prints on m y nails with bright colors but I don’t know which ones:/

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@Samantha_Rae Sure! Let me know. I love OPI polish. It’s one of my favorite brands! They used to have one that was my favorite red called I’m not Really a Waitress. Loved the name, loved the color.

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In my entire life, the only time my nails were decorated was when my sister or cousin wanted to practice on me.

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I do mine every 3 days or so. I just do a solid color, normally a pink or red. I just do it while I’m watching tv. I have gotten some compliments, mainly because they don’t look like crap (but I have all the secrets…)

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@knitfroggy They still have that color. It’s their most famous color, and while most women probably have a different default color, if she’s an OPI girl, she’s got a bottle of I’m Not Really A Waitress laying around for the special occasions. Dell computers released a line of laptops in which you can have them colored various OPI shades, including I’m Not Really A Waitress.

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I do my nails about once a week, it usually takes about that long for them to get chipped to the point where I can’t stand to look at them. Or my nails grow too long for comfort. I keep them relatively short, I hate when they grow much over my fingertip. I feel like crap always gets stuck in them. I change up the color all the time. I looove the way my hands look with a dark polish (I love the look on anyone, actually.) Deep maroon or plum on short, square nails. Red is a classic. I’m not a fan of flowery, bland pink colors. Blends in too much with flesh. Orangey-red, orangey-pink, are fun. Magenta. I like bright, I like dark, I like a pearly sheer white or pinkish.

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@Thesexier: I would do either a solid white with black stripes (maybe with thin hot pink lines around the thicker black, or down the center?) or try a solid black or navy with bright green (on the navy) or hot pink or bright blue on the black… some sort of design, I’d think diagonal stripes or polka dots would be easiest?

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@papayalily I was working as a nail tech when I’m Not Really a Waitress came out. My sister, who was a hair stylist and I thought it was the best name for a polish ever! I am also a fan of Black Mountain Magic or Black Magic Mountain. I can’t ever keep the name straight. I love those deep, purpley/black colors.

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I usually do them once a week, depending on how chipped they become. I always wear block colours – pinks, red, purple, sheer colours. I keep them short. I can’t bear having long nails – I don’t like the feel of them when they’re wet. Weird.

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@stardust I keep mine short too. I can’t have even mildly long nails – I injure myself with them too easily. Plus, it makes it easier when I get together with my girlfriend.

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I file my nails all the time because I tend to get nicks or chips in them. I don’t like to use colored polish on them, but when I do put on polish, I go to a salon and get a french manicure. I only do that for occasions though. I do, however, get pedicures every other week and I put dark colors on my toes. I like deep red and plums.

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One at a time.
And a nuetral color. Light pastels.

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@Pandora See, I paint outside the lines, and then the next time I take a shower it’ll rub right off.

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usually I will use a primer for outside work even if they are zinc coated or galvanized then go over them with a latex exterior paint. Of course on inside work the gun sets the nails deep enough that I will use filler in the holes then paint.

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I paint mine once a week so they don’t get too chipped. I really like different colors. I’ve been wearing the Shrek collection from OPI for about a month. (Greens, light blue, lilac purple is gorgeous)
But since fall is coming soon, I’m excited to wear my new Paradoxal polish which is a strange purple / gray color.
I don’t ever do any nail art, especially since they have to be done once a week. And three coats of paint is already a pain in the ass.

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wow, there are many people that paint there nails like me, either watching TV while painting. I also paint mine every week school days, now in the summer I’ve been so busy with soccer, I really don’t have enough time to paint:/ But today I will try and put just one colored color or maybe ten colors funky one color on each finger. Do you prefer nail art or just one color?

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@Thesexier Just one color. Then I can do touch-ups.

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@papayalily , hmm…which color though? I can never decide…I have
white-the brush is fucked up-
cream – light- white
lumene 58— pink
Depend I have numbers:22, 26, 41, 4
lumene 31-grey-ish, 503, 28, 527, 26,
sally hansen hard as nails – 08 first blush, 18 cherry red, 37 blue it, sally hansen diamond no chip color 29 radiant rose,
GOSH 581 orange drops
O.P.I Chocolate shakespeare.

which do you think will look better, because I haven’t even used some of them.

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@Thesexier Go with Orange Drops. It’s the perfect time of year to wear it. Save the Chocolate Shakespeare for October, it’s got a great autumn leave look. Do Depend 21 early in December when people are starting to dress for Christmas because it looks very Winter Soltice.

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@papayalily , then I’ll do so:D thank you!

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Usually I cover them with spackle and then paint over that with whatever color the room is.

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and does it come out like stoneey? thats so cool.

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