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Did anyone ever tried to steal your pocket wallet? How?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) July 26th, 2010

While being in Barcelona Metro 3 mens tried to steal my pocket wallet. I was entering the train and one of them jumped in front of me and suddenly turned around and actually blocked me. So he probably thoght I will remove my hand from my pocket and move him, while his two assistants from the back pickpocket me. I didn’t !

One of the passengers shouted loud “thief thief” in Spanish. Since I did not understand the language I did not realize at first what he was shouting, then all the three ran fast out of train.

The attempt failed, but if I move my hand, I guess they were successful. They are smart, but I am smarter. This incident is so unpleasant. Unfortunately, all the other passengers on the train were indifferent and did not speak. Since that I was a little bit scared using again the great Metro of Barcelona. Be careful!

Has this happened to you? How? Did they succeed?

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Yes, once a year by Uncle Sam. Otherwise, no.

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Of all the years of riding subways in NYC and the PATH train and walking around NYC, I’ve never had my wallet lifted.

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My wallet was stolen once, but I am not sure if I left it somewhere or if someone lifted it because I didn’t even know until the next time I looked for it. Sure enough, when I checked the bank statement they had had a field day at Family Dollar, of all places!

That experience must have been really scary, especially being out of your element (not speaking Spanish) but your instincts kicked in and you won! So even though the other passengers didn’t say anything afterwards, they spoke up at the right time!!!

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Never keep your wallet in your back pocket. Honestly I have no idea why people still do it.

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Once I was traveling on the nightbus, standing and both of my hands were up on the bar. Then I felt that a guy stood too close to me for a not so crowded bus. Then I looked down and saw his hands carefully lifting out from my right pocket and taking out some old paper tissues. I got so mad, I started to shout at him, and literally kicked him down at the next stop. People were just watching with satisfication on their face…

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No, it has never happened to me. When my husband took a three week backpack tour of Europe, he kept his money in a money belt, under his shirt, except for a small amount for his daily transactions.

No one should ever keep their money in a wallet in their back pocket, unless with a button or other safety cover.

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Someone stole my wallet our of my jacket pocket in the first ten minutes of walking in New York city for the first time, when I was 11 years old.

Since then I have had my wallet in my front pocket or in an even more secure place, and I don’t think anyone else has tried.

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Never. I hope I don’t have to experience that in my life. I will fight hard if necessary but I’ll give up if the thief carry a gun. I find that pepper spray is so useful in this situation.

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Hmm now I remember I have had my wallet stolen once. It was stolen in the changing rooms during P.E.. I had left it in my blazer pocket, and other people had stuff pinched like mobile phones. Teachers didn’t do anything :x and I don’t think there was cameras in that changing room. Before I had had money stolen in the other changing rooms we had and there was cameras showing who did it. But that was just lose change and not technically a wallet :P.

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I was working in San Francisco staying in the Fairmont. I had met some local college friends at a jazz club after work and we got drunk. It was late. I was walking down Geary Street toward the St. Francis hotel looking for a cab home and a couple of bodacious black hookers were all bubbly and jovial bouncing toward me with big smiles and their arms outstretched wanting to hug me. I obliged; and we were walking along, chatting, seeing if I wanted any.

After a bit I felt one try to take my wallet (back pocket, under an overcoat). I quickly slapped her hand, and said something to the effect of “Nu-uh, you can’t play me for a sucker.” They gave me a mutual sexy-pout, and scampered off. Wallet still there, I jumped into a taxi.

When I went to pay I realized they had removed my wallet, taken all the cash out, put the bank statement back (which had been between my $20s and lesser bills) and what I felt was them putting the wallet back for me.

I think it’s hilarious. I was a happy drunk and respected them for giving me my cards back. The taxi driver didn’t even blink; took one look in the mirror and said “no problem”.

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Oh, I forgot the “how” of my story. I was on the sidewalk with my dad and grandma, and someone bumped into me a bit, and it took me a couple of seconds to notice what had happened and I said, “hey, I think that guy just took my wallet!” Sure enough, he had, none of us really got a good look at him, and he was gone by the time we were looking around, not that any of us would have likely had anything to do about it even if we did see him go.

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