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Does anyone know the US release dates for NES games?

Asked by theichibun (2237points) July 26th, 2010

I started a blog where I’m playing every NES game released in the US in chronological order. After getting through the release titles though, I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Nintendo’s official records only list a month and year for most games.

Absent any miracle list I’m going to have to fake it somehow. Right now I’m torn between using the Japanese order in each month or just going whatever random order I feel like using. Which of those would be better? Or is there something that I’m not thinking about?

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Have you tried Wikipedia?

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Same thing, month and year for the most part on the US releases. And really, they’re having a big fight over when Super Mario Bros. was released so I’m hesitant to trust a group that seems to think the official Nintendo master games list isn’t a good enough source to know when a game was released.

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@theichibun Oh, you want year, month and day? Yeah, I don’t think you’ll find that easily. I’d suggest sorting by months, then alphabetically.

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you could write nintendo power…or major game markets… like wal-mart… or whomever was selling games at that time .. like Zeller’s…or Sears

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That’s a tough call. I would try and find a more dedicated gaming community than Fluther, and then from there start asking around.

I would suggest scrounging about the NES boards at

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