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Are there any cheat codes for Resident Evil 4?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) July 26th, 2010

I’m getting my ass kicked by zombies and running out of ammo.

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If you manage to win using tactics and by rationing your ammo, you’ll feel much more satisfied. The best thing to do is draw them into a chokepoint. It’s easy for them to kill you if you get surrounded, but if they can only come at you in ones and twos it’s a lot easier to handle. Don’t buy the TMP – it’s a waste. Sell the gun you get from breaking the blue medallions and use the money to upgrade your existing weapons. The shotgun is your friend.

Also, I don’t believe there are any cheat codes for the game anyway. There are things you get from beating the game on certain settings, but nothing you can enter to get infinite ammo or anything.

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Shoot them in the head.

And they’re not zombies in RE 4, they’re Ganados. Just sayin.

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Melee like crazy. But not the knife attack unless in super close quarters. Shooting to stun then going in for the kick/suplex saves ammo and kills quickly.

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