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What do you think about the "glamour?" See details.

Asked by answerjill (6170points) July 26th, 2010

The Nice Jewish Girl asks: I recently read a novel featuring Wiccans. There was this one character—an older woman—who was known for successfully taking on the “glamour” at times. I am not sure if it involved casting a spell on herself. Having the glamour meant that at times, she was able to appear more beautiful to others than she actually was. Outside of spells and such, do you think that something like the glamour exists? I, for one, know that while I often “fly under the radar” in terms of attracting attention with my appearance, every once in a while, I seem to pull off what Wiccans might refer to as the glamour. Have any of you ever seen or experiences this phenomenon? Under what conditions?

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yeah, it’s called make-up.

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There is no such thing as magic or spells, you are referring to a person that intentionally tries to look good. It’s called vanity lol.

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Yes, have you seen Justin Beiber? He has defiantly glamoured all the 10–14 year old girls. But seriously…I used to practice Wicca when I was younger and I never actually experienced any real “magic”. It’s more of a way to be closer to Mother Earth and send your prayers or wishes out to the universe. Those times you feel you attract more attention you are most likely feeling more confident. Confidence is a truly a huge aphrodisiac and can be sensed by the opposite sex.

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I am not necessarily talking about casting spells, that novel just got me thinking about how people might be perceived differently (especially more attractive) at certain moments.

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Yes, you can. Like I stated before days that you feel more confident, like a good hair day or when you are wearing a cute outfit…and of couse, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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I think it mostly comes from within and the way you carry yourself, confidence and self-appreciation. Along with all that goes – good grooming and a nice smile, there you have it.

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Many people use the wiccan practices without really knowing how they work. Some believe that the casting of ‘spells’ will have the desired effect, with no knowledge of how that happens.
The ‘spells’ really have nothing to do with the working, but are a simple method of focus and concentration for the actual power to take place.

A ‘glamour’ is a specific way to achieve the effect you wish, though you will power. @ZEPHYRA above has a very good explanation of why it works.

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I absolutely think I appear more attractive when I feel more attractive. Something like a ‘sex-appeal switch’ seems to turn on. I love when I feel that way! Sadly, it doesn’t happen too often these days.

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It is strange how I feel the most confident right after I get out of the shower. I’d feel fine if I took a shower that morning, but feel a little tired and not-as-clean then go out, but the very height of my confidence happens when I take a shower right before I go out. The clean, refreshing feeling has an effect on my self-esteem for some reason lol.

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