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What toughcam or tough digital camera do you recommend?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) July 26th, 2010

What is a good toughcam digital camera. A digital camera that is waterproof and shock or shatter proof or at least be able to absorb drops from certain heights? I’m looking to spend around 300$

I know that there are the Panasonic Lumix, Olympus Stylus Tough, Canon Powershot D10 & Sony Cypershot TX5.

Which model or brand should I get?

Thanks =D

I’m not looking to buy a waterproof case or housing system.

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I have a canon d10, it works, but its bulky. My sister has the Olympus. She tends to get better pictures and it fits better in her pocket (however, I think she paid more money for it). I’m not sure about the others.

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Panasonic Lumix with a Leica lens. Bright, smart, simple.

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