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What does your desktop look like?

Asked by Mariah (25876points) July 26th, 2010

Mine looks like this. I have a “Dell dock” across the top of my screen (it pops out when you mouse over it) but my desktop is otherwise empty; I like it that way. What about yours?

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The caption suggested by a friend is “Milo preparing to not weed.”

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It has an illustrated image of myself… I’m not narcissistic, my boyfriend drew it! ^.^
Other than that I only have the little shortcut of my hard drive.

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My desktop is relatively plain; just a simple design and a few desktop shortcuts.

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Skyline R36 concept car and a few icons that change approximately weekly depending on what I am doing at any given time.

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It rotates among a bunch of my photos, here are a few

John’s Background Switcher is highly recommended by me.

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At the moment, this, but it was this, this, and this before.

I really like to use Geektool to customize them and make them a little unique, plus I’m a bit of an aesthetics freak when it comes to desktops. I also like to modify the icons and dock occasionally.

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@ragingloli: ^^Not cluttered enough.

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Well, I deliberately tried to not have chaos on my desktop, that is why I use Fences.

Neizvestnaya's avatar" target=“_blank”><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Photobucket”></a>

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Do you remember those videos of New Orleans after the flood left?

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Here is mine. I change my desktop image every month. :)

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My desktop is pretty clean. I have a Rocket Dock to access my most used programs, so I’ve hidden the usual desktop icons. I set the Windows desktop toolbar to recede when not in use. A psychedelic image of each of The Beatles is wallpaper in the background.

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My desktop
Nothing special

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Is that Richard Pryor? What’s he smoking, there? Hahahaha! Great.

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It’s Obama =) And you know what he’s smokin’ haha

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This is mine

It’s not actual size. My photobucket it set to make pics to a certain size.

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Creative chaos.

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