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Where is a good place to level in pokemon heart gold?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 26th, 2010

okay well for the pokemon fans where is the best place to level in heart gold? I’m at the part where I go into the dragons den. And I think I’m under leveled here…. Here are my pokemon just to give you a little view of how much I need to level:
Vaporeon level 40 : Bite,aurora beam,surf,waterfall

Jolteon level 39:double kick,quick attack,sand attack,thunder shock.

Typhlosion level 40: flame wheel,lava plume,strength,swift

growlithe level 37:flame wheel,flame thrower,fire fang,bite

Jirachi level 31:Wish,refresh,psychic,draco meteor

shiny gyrados level 30:bite,dragon rage,whirlpool,twister

I know I’m very under leveled and yes I did beat Clair surprisingly enough. So please best place to level? (Sorry for this being very long….)

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I don’t think you’re too badly underleveled! I just passed the Dragon’s Den recently and all my pokemon were under level 40. I just got my whole team (which is actually 11 pokemon because I can’t make up my mind) up to level 40 today, actually. :]

That said, I really like the patch just south of the Safari Zone gate. Just south of Blackthorne City is good too, but only if you’re training pokemon that are good against rock types (because it is CRAWLING with Gravelers.)

Oh, also, it’s kind of a pain in the butt to access, there’s another good patch near the Safari Zone. You know how you have to climb up a ladder on the path that leads to the safari zone? Well if you climb DOWN the other ladder instead, you come out on a little beach where you can surf; surf to the left and go up the nearest waterfall. There’s an itsy bitsy patch of grass with mid 30ish level pokemon. It’s good for training except that it’s obnoxious to go back and forth to a Pokecenter.

I’m actually playing Soul Silver so I apologize if any of this differs much. :\

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thank you for the answer! It’s helpful! Would it be smart to give the EXP. Share to a pokemon of a low level? or just have one pokemon get the full EXP of one?

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My Pokemon obsessed son suggests leveling at the city just past Goldenrod.

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@Vincent_Lloyd For the EXP share, it’s really just up to personal preference. If your lower level pokemon are so weak that they can’t KO wild pokemon themselves, an EXP share is a good way to help them out.

I also just remembered that the water just off the coast of Cianwood city is pretty good for leveling electric and psychic types (tons of Tentacools).

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