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What do you think this Willy Wonka's poem talk about?

Asked by Curio (31points) July 26th, 2010

I’m intrigated about the hidden meanings of this enigmatic poem that Willy Wonka sings on the board trip through the chocolate river.

I think it have very heavy existential connotations, which alludes to how reality comes from a fiction and how that reality is generating more pain to get feedback itself for further growth.
Caught my attention the lines with *

There’s no earthly way of knowing *
This talk about there only trascendental (spiritual) knowledge
Which direction we are going
about the sense of what existence means
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
again the same, reality is just an ilusion, we live a lie ruled by physical laws, so there’s any possible knowing
Or which way the river’s flowing
This line is about destiny and fatalism, I guess
Is it raining, is it snowing
Maybe relativism?
Is a hurr-i-cane a-blowing *
A game with words that I don’t really understand very well, hope someone can explain me this…
Not a spec of light is showing *
Non-Dualistic theory? The Void so emty that is full with all posibilityes or somethig like that
So the danger must be growing
So de danger must grow up to feed the ilusion of reality
By the fires of hell a-glowing *
This is very interesting, is like… for make someone happy (microscopic view) or for “create” reality (macroscopic) is needed a lot of sufering or danger. That’s what I understand…
Is the grizzly reaper mowing? *
I think the grizzly refers to the primitive animal desire of consuption
YES. The danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
we’re the rowers, and the danger make us move on and on, on this “Maya Wheel” of life and dead.(not very optimist…)
And they’re certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing.
And we even stop to think about what we’re doing, or why, we just still living this ilusion and “rowing”... till the end of times

Well, this is what I understand, but I want to read more ideas about this poem (no matter how different they are, how extended or how intelligent will be your answer, sometimes a few simple words have more wisdom than a whole text like this.) I just want to read more points of views as possible (If you still awake haha…)

Again sorry for my grammar, I’m spanish.
Lyrics copyed and pasted from here.

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Does this come from the book, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” or the original movie?

It seems to be more of a sing-song narrative than a poem. The intent is to generate emotional fear before entering the tunnel where scary images are flashed on the walls (based upon seeing the first movie.)

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