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Is there a food that you have never and will never try?

Asked by Paxan8 (462points) July 26th, 2010

I was wondering if there was food that is generally part of an American diet that you have never and will never try? So I don’t mean monkey brains or escargot, although I love escargot. I have never and will never eat a corndog. The whole idea of a corndog makes me nauseous. I hate hotdogs and a fried hotdog in a sweetbread on a stick just sounds like the most disgusting thing that has ever concocted.

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Any “food” that is made of insects——eg., fried cockroaches, chocolate covered ants, roasted caterpillars, etc. I’ve heard some people say they’re good, but no thanks! :D

I will also refrain from eating very high caloric, fattening “foods” like deep-fried, battered chocolate bars. Just the thought of all that sugar and fat makes me go Yeech! :D

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Well that’s not really part of the American diet, but thank you. I had chocolate covered crickets once. They weren’t bad but I wouldn’t go out and buy a bag.

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I will try anything… even if it’s not dead… just unconscious is good enough for me. But balut, filipno delicacy is something I have no interest in.

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Any type of “diet” food/soda.

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No liver. No veal. No lamb. No tomato juice. No sushi. All ewwwww.

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I don’t think so. I eat pretty much everything, and I’ve often eaten things that aren’t even meant for people to eat.
-Edit-I apologize, I misread your question.

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Any meat dishes, I’m a vegy person.

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I refuse to eat organs.

Also, if any of you ever come across Umeboshi in your travels to Japan, DO NOT PUT THE WHOLE THING IN YOUR MOUTH AND BITE. It was much worse than biting into a lemon.

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@Doctor D, you have never had any meat? Your parents raised you vegan?

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anything that produced semen, ugh


@gorillapaws My Mom used to make us big rice balls with umeboshi plums in the center of the balls. The rice is sticky and bland, and once we hit the umeboshi, it’s like a high. You are correct, the umeboshi plums are very acidic, but they’re supposed to be good for your digestive system. But eat them with rice balls, not by themselves. The balls make them more palatable. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES lol. It was one of the few times in my life that my policy of “try anything once” came back to bite me. The people who tricked me into eating it got some great pics though.


@gorillapaws Would have loved to see your expression as you bit into one! The Japanese love extremes. They can be weird and kinky sometimes. (I shouldn’t say that, being half Japanese myself!). Lol.

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A hard-boiled egg. The smell makes me want to throw up. Gross! I hate it when people at school eat them near me. I almost can’t take it. =\

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I won’t eat monkey brains. That is just that. I won’t do it.

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Shrimp. I’ve never eaten it and I never intend to. Nothing about shrimp appeals to me.

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Lobster and crab. The whole concept of cracking the shell makes me cringe, and want to puke.
Edit: cottage cheese the smell and texture makes me sick it looks like somebody puked in a bowl.

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Sorry, I missed the part in the details about monkey brains. As far as things go in my particular part of the the world I will not eat Scrapple, Fox Squirrel or Muskrat. Call me an elitist, but that’s the way I roll. Deal with it.

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Steak or salmon. Any kind of fish, I won’t touch it. I won’t eat red meat, either. I’ve got a lot of food “phobias”.
Eating anything that can swim seems strange enough to me.

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There is a list of foods I that I don’t eat, but won’t try is a different question. Hmmm…I have never tired a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, never plan too, but I am not horrified by the idea of trying it if someone really wanted me too. I would not try kidney, but that is not common in America anyway. Oh, I would never try foie gras. And, I don’t like the idea of venison, I have never tried it and would prefer not to. The baby fawn in my backyard are so cute I just can’t imagine it. Also, there are many cheeses I would never try cold. I don’t like cold cheese generally, the only excption is mozerella, and I am at the point where I see no need to even try any, since I feel it is bad for me anyway.

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I’m not eating soy turkey. I <3 meat.

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@Paxan8 I ate meat product while I was a kid. What I meant here are all newly invented meat dishes (i.e. I used to eat fried pork,but now there’s another similar dish called “boiled pork”,I will never ever try that dish). Seems like I somehow mislead you here,ha ha…

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Well, i used to eat meat as well but don’t anymore, so will never eat any meat again, but one that i haven’t tried yet is lobster, so i suppose i’ll never want to eat that one.

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Bananas. The taste and the texture is just nasty. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

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I stay away from brains or other nerve tissue, but pretty much everything else is on the table. For the jellies that shy away from crab, lobster, shrimp, etc. I’ll say you don’t know what your missing out on, but, I’ll respect your choices. JLeslie, you’ve never had PB&J? Interesting.
Edit. Anyone who tricks someone into trying something they don’t want to eat is beyond contempt, so don’t be concerned to eat at my table.:)

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Chitterlings, pickled pigs’ feet, pork rinds. @lillycoyote I’ve avoided scrapple so far, but might give it a chance. Same thing with shad roe.

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Anything that is/was yellow

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@Michael_Huntington – even egg yolk? Bananas?? Lemon meringue pie???!!! Why don’t you like yellow food?

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I thought of more from some answers above. I won’t try pig ears or pigs feet. Both are served by my mother-in-law.

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Anything that isn’t fowl or seafood. And no organs. And nothing weird. I admit it. I am a very picky eater.

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I grew up with parents who encouraged trying new foods, so as far back as elementary school, I was eating some pretty esoteric things for those days. Like caviar, various varities of smoked fish, beef tartare, and cooled Japanese food (sushi came later). None of these things was very common in little ol’ Fort Worth, Texas then, but my dad, a native New Yorker, knew how to find anything he had a taste for. My llifelong love of and curiosity about different kinds of food served me well when I lived in New York and when I’ve visited abroad.

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A deep-fried Mars bar! I have never and will never try this.

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i hear that some people eat cow tongue i just find that pretty sick:/ and i would never eat insects even tho people say their good:/

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@happy123 My mother used to have a tongue sandwich very now and then. A friend of mine said she has a friend who serves tongue at parties because it is a delicacy wherever she is from. In my house it was something Jews bought at the deli LOL.

I don’t like it by the way. I don’t like the consistency/texture.

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mayo. Plain and simple. I will never ever try mayo. I have been offered money before (a significant amount) to try just a little bit. I refuse. Mayo is gross. Seriously.

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@jenandcolin I am always grateful that I don’t like or am disgusted by things that are fatty and bad for me. Not wanting to try mayo is a gift.

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sushi and salads.

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