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Does it surprise you how few questions you've asked... especially you lifers?

Asked by kevbo (25649points) July 27th, 2010

I just took a look at my stats for the first time in a very long time, and it’s interesting to me that in the three years I’ve been here I’ve only asked around 320 questions. I know, too, that a good number of those questions weren’t really about me truly not knowing something and needing an answer, so one might say that I’ve had a need to ask a question far fewer than 320 times.

I know this kind of ratio (lots of answers to far fewer questions) is common among many flutherers, but it just kind of gives me pause to think what this implies, whether I’m incurious/set in my ways or am more prone to use fluther to bring up topics I want discussed and promulgated (which I’ve definitely done many times), or whether I just know a lot of stuff, or whether I prefer to get answers to “real” questions elsewhere, or whether there’s only so many questions one needs to ask (and get answered) in life before you pretty much have a satisfactory big picture (which I also tend to think applies in my case).

It just seems like a small number for such a big world of stuff one might encounter, especially given the advantages offered by the Internet.

What’s your experience been, and what is your take on this?

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When I was deeply unhappy, or merely ordinarily unhappy, I wrote a lot of questions. Since I’ve been back, I have hardly written any questions and I feel no great desire to write questions.

Does that make me one of the dumb and happy crew?

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I just noticed that tomorrow is my one year anniversary.

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Until I read this question I was surprised at how many questions I have asked. Now that you mention it, it is relatively few compared to the number I have answered. Now I am wondering who I think I am having opinions on so many things!

When I think back to what I have asked, greater than half my questions are an attempt to “discuss and promulgate” stuff I am interested in. Many times I find that after I have faced a big decision or quandary I post a question once it has sorted itself out. I also find that I censor myself sometimes because I don’t want to hurt anyone I know in real life who participates here.

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I initially found this site by asking a question. In the beginning I asked a fair number of questions. But I gradually averaged out to about 2% questions and have been there ever since.

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I think I’m the opposite. I’m kind of shocked I’ve asked so many questions. It’s not a huge number by any means (66 questions, since March 2008), but some of those questions are so stupid I wonder why I asked them at all. I was a new user and just wanted to ask stuff, so I asked anything. My later questions were more thoughtful and sincere. If I’d started off that way right off the bat, I think my questions would total somewhere between 40 to 50 or so.

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I ask very few questions. 15, and over 1300 answers, in eight months.

Mostly I think it’s because 99% of the questions I can think of, I can find the answers myself with a bit of googling.

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I used to ask more but my arms got tired answering all the wonderfully thoughtful comments and suggestions of really warm hot places to go.

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I feel like 380 (my number) questions is a lot. Maybe I need a new hobby.

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I’ve asked 34 questions, mostly about interpersonal dynamics that I didn’t learn earlier in life. Anything else I either know already or know how to find out about on my own.

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Well, I’ve asked 172 questions (compared to some 14,000 responses). It is a mix of reasons somewhat similar to yours @kevbo.

Mostly, I think I know how to find out what I need to know.

Sometimes my questions are to get people’s personal input. For example, on travel recommendations.

I think I would have asked more questions if I were younger. Weird, but true.

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Like @downtide, I don’t ask a question if I can find it by searching on my own, so I’m not surprised I have a low question count but I am surprised I have as many as I do.

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853 questions, 11798 answers at the moment. That’s around fourteen answers for every question. I’m writing questions some 7% of the time I spend here.

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I think that most of us are here for a good discussion, sometimes healthy debate, and maybe just to vent. I know that I was in shock when my father died, last February. I’m 63 and he had always been a fixture in my and my brother’s lives. Since we have a family tradition of stoicism, I found it difficult to voice my feelings and much more comforting to write them.
Believe it or not, the answers I got were a great comfort.

So it is not whether you are curious or working to develop a high ratio of questions to answers, it is how you choose to participate in this forum and in life.

Some talk, some write, some march and join clubs. and some don’t participate at all. The latter is what worries me.

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@Ron_C, et al, you make a good point, and it reminds me that we used to call some of these questions “discussions.” So maybe thinking of “questions” the statistic as representative of actual questions is too narrow. That being said, I guess I still find it interesting as a phenomenon that the number of strict questions I’ve asked is so low.

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@kevbo frankly, I would rather answer questions that evolve into discussions than questions about how to fix a computer problem. I have answered both, I prefer the former. I have to go back and check some of your questions now that you have gotten me interested. == cheers!

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I just looked at mine and I’ve been here 2 years and asked only 66 questions. I’ve typed out many more than that, but before hitting enter, I re-read them several times and think they are not really necessary, so I delete them.

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I’ve asked 13 questions in a little over two years. I’m actually surprised it’s in the double digits.

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Member since: July 21st, 2008
Questions asked: 88
Responses written: 15096

Dangit, I didn’t even notice my two year flutherversary! For some reason, it doesn’t feel like I’ve asked 88 questions. In my mind, it was far fewer than that. Part of the reason I’ve asked relatively few has got to be my Swiss cheese brain… I often think of a question when I’m not online, and can’t hold on to the thought long enough to ask it later.

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i don’t ask questions, i already know everything! @Cruiser will verify that! loll And, where is Chaz when i need him!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * H * A * P * P * Y * * A * N * N * I * V * E * R * S * A * R * Y * * Y * A * Y * * *

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No, there is a strict limit to how many questions a person can ask – and I never come close to that limit. I am an answerer.

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And then some of the questions I would ask just to be asking something, its either been asked before or recently asked. So I’m quite happy to be here to stalk and answer/discuss.

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I’m not a lifer, but don’t ask many questions, because when I think of a really good one…if I don’t write it down, forget it. It is called the “hereafter disease.” Everytime i walk into a different room i say, “what am i here after!” everyone will know this by the by and by!

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Lifer here! I’ve only asked 54 questions (in over three years). And it seems like a lot to me. (I’m with Allie)
I tend to ignore users who I see max out their three-a-day allotment. Especially if it’s just dumb questions to stroke their sense of mental health.

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@kevbo not to crazy about the term ‘lifer’ . . .
A life sentence of Fluthering?

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Yeah, it’s not the best fit. Oh well.

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@kevbo loll… oh well! good answer!

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