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What is the name of this cookie?

Asked by christine215 (3173points) July 27th, 2010

Italian cookie, tastes like frangelico, comes individually wrapped, in a tin can. It’s kind of pouffy and crumbly (and delicious)

it’s driving me nuts I can’t think of it and google is coming up with everything but the one I want!

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In the red square can, right? Some kind of ameretti perhaps. I’ll see if I can find an old can of them.

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I knew them as Ameretti cookies. I’ll see if I can remember the brand.

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I think they are Amaretti cookies

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This distinctive package contains aithentic Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni. Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno cookies are baked slowly and carefully according with the 1718 orginal and secret Lazzaroni recipe that has been preserved and prized by Lazzaroni in Italy. You can enjoy the delicate and delicious flavour of the Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni on their own or as a perfect compliment to fine wine, liqours and coffee at any time of the day. Try Amaretti Lazzaroni also as topping for ise cream and other

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Quick Look Amaretti Cookies (Lazzaroni) 7.1oz (200g)

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YES! thank you it’s Amaretti (I kept thinking of frangelico so nothing was coming up with google!)

Thank you thank you thank you! (and thank you for the linke for buying them!)

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Speaking for all of us, you’re most welcome, @jjonas. Save a few for us.

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