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Have you ever been mellow?

Asked by naconasong (371points) July 27th, 2010

or are you hot headed?

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Do you have a favorite country western song?

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Only once. i was drinking a Mellow Yellow. never had one, since.

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Cue Olivia Newton John.

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@naconasong if you and the profound lady (Inked_up_chic) got together, do you think your children would have clocks in the house?

I can’t believe I answered this question. No. Wait. I can believe it! ;-) It’s part of my new practice: inanity meditation.

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@wundayatta you’re slipping, lol!

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I must be a very good actor because all my life people have told me what a mellow personality I have. I am definitely more mellow than I used to be, but if people only knew how much of the time I’m jumping up and down in my head.

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@Austinlad got’cha….well, i’m easy going 99% of the time, but the 1%, i’m not proud of!

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It comes with age.

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I am always mellow. I take life slow and easy. We do it that way down south though.

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Not today….most days yes!

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Well, I’m… hot-blooded!
Check it and see!
Got a fever of 103°!

Sorry. Had to get the Olivia Newton-John earworm out of my head.

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