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How does Cash For Caulkers (aka Home Star) work?

Asked by ihavequestions (11points) July 27th, 2010

So I’ve read the wiki and a few other articles on the Cash for Caulkers bill that was passed in the house in May, and I still don’t understand it. How does it work? Who exactly is getting money? Homeowners? Or retailers like Home Depot and Lowes?

If homeowners are getting their home weatherization and energy reduction projects subsidized by the government, can’t they technically just lie about it and take the tax incentive money?

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The weatherization program benefits have to be supported by full documentation from the installer and the homeowner. There is room for collusion, I suppose, but for the most part there must be paperwork to back it up.

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This is the most recent info. I could find. Hope this helps.

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To fix the economy… our president squinted his eyes really hard, thunk really hard… and came up with this cash for caulkers! Bravo mr. president!

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This is a program that like the other programs are for the long term. Energy savings in the household is a benefit directly to “we the people” and over the period of years we will have more money back in our pocket and less dependent on energy. Sounds like a great plan that everyone can take advantage of. I reallly don’t remember in all my years this many programs that directly benefited the people. This administration has brought several; cash for clunkers, energy tax credits, 1st time homebuyers, middle class tax cuts all for the people.
Novembers coming if you think that the republicans got your back watch fox news sunday 8/1/10. Three republican leaders saying absolutely nothing, Just pandering with sound bites of what the American people want. Nice to see Chris Wallace ask some tough questions. He just never seems to get a straight answer from a republican.

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