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Any way to counter the side effects of Percocet?

Asked by Bsilver (848points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I was diagnosed with a Kidney Stone and was prescribed Percocet (oxycodone) for pain, since it’s small enough to pass, and have been plagued by the drowsiness for the past few days. I was curious if there was any way to counter that side effect, as I’m still working, and falling asleep would be a VERY bad thing for me. Are there any supplements or the like that would be safe? (the pharmascist couldn’t tell me)

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I take percocet for chronic back pain. I need to be fully alert on my job, so I don’t take it during the day. There really isn’t much you can do except maybe try breaking it in half and see if a lower dose makes you less drowsy. Or a good old cup of Joe might help too!

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Wow, that sucks. When. I had my wisdom teeth extracted the surgeon prescribed percocet as well as darvocet. If I remember correctly (this was 8 years ago) the percocet was too strong, and actually made me sick. Call your doctor and ask for a milder Rx. Be sure not to take these when you’ll be driving though.

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thanks mcbealer, but I passed that kidney stone over the weekend, and haven’t been taking the percocet since… The dose they gave me was the mildest effective dose, and still made me pretty drowsy, so mid week last week I had them up it since I was still in pain while on the meds, but the higher dose didn’t make me drowsier…

But it’s all good now!

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have you tried googling this? Because I did, and didn’t find anything, and as my question states, even the pharmacist couldn’t tell me. Besides, it was more a question of personal experiences, which I succeded in getting.

And way to be utterly juvenile and tell me this 2 weeks after my question became irrelevant.

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I had to take it (and still do) for chronic pain and headaches when I had my brain tumor. It made me so sick. I started taking it on a really full belly and the negative side effects nearly disappeared. I know everyone is different, so it may not work for you like it did for me. But I learned that those side effects are much stronger on an empty or even slightly full belly. A full belly should really help.

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