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Is it proper etiquette to email a thank you note?

Asked by josie (28690points) July 27th, 2010

Although I am sure that I would disappoint my late mother in too many ways to count, she would be pleased to know that I still send thank you notes. Recently, an old neighbor (pre-divorce)invited me and my girlfriend to their house for dinner. Nice couple, great food and wine, nice house. I would normally write and mail a thank you note. But then I wondered…Have the etiquette standards changed with the times. Is it OK to send a thank you note by email? I am a little hung up on the idea that it is not hand written. There seems to be something slightly impersonal about it. But then again, my penmanship is atrocious. Seriously though, is it accepted etiquette to send a thank you email?

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Personally, if someone had gone the trouble that your former neighbor did, I would hand-write a nice note and mail it in a real post office with a real stamp. Compare that effort to the time to plan, shop, cook, serve and then tidy up. It’s bubkis.

Print it.

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Well it’s probably better than no note at all but I think you’d be better with a hand written one.

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A hand-written note is preferable. An email is better than nothing.

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I tend to think hand-written thank you notes demonstrate a different level of gratitude, and are certanily more personal. The only time I send electronic thank you notes is when time is of the essence—like a job interview when the company is making a quick decision. Having said that, if you’re concerned your neighbor won’t be able to read your hand-written note, then (as they say in the Wizard of Oz), that’s a horse of a different color.

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I usually try to do both.

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Hand-written notes are much preferred.

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For something as simple as going to dinner? Email’s fine. When someone gives you a wedding gift, then you break out the pen and paper.

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Always impressive and fun to receive a written note. It means so much more. E-mail is non personal in so many ways. Handwritten notes ahow you care and are so fun to open and reread later.

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Think about it this way. With all the e-mail messages you probably get every day, isn’t it kinda fun to find a letter in the mailbox addressed to you that isn’t a bill, and then open it up and see real handwriting? It is for me.

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@ All of you. I see that there is a clear consensus, and as a bonus, from some of the more level headed Flutherites. I am not surprised at your advice and I will take it. Thanks to all of you.

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I think it’s a nice thing either hand-written or typed.

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