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Is there a web travel site where you can pay a local to show you around?

Asked by uratner (26points) July 27th, 2010


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Generally you would just contact a travel agency, or tour agency. I used to be a tour escort, and very often the ‘tour’ would be one person.

deni's avatar is mainly for finding places to stay but i think there is also an option for finding someone to show you around and tell you a little about the town.

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You could try rent-a-friend or rent-a-local-friend. Haven’t tried them myself, so I can’t say how good they are.

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There’s this woman in NY… I can’t think of her name, her daughter is a famous actress (someone help me out here!!!) but she will take a group of people around and to various restaurants in NYC, you choose which areas you want to go to…

If you’re in SF, I’ll take you around for pay!!! ;)

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When I was in Rome, luckily I found a taxi driver who drove us all around town and told us everything he knew about Rome. Wasn’t that expensive and he took us around about half of the day.

I did the same thing in Trinidad & Tobago.

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I suggest you only use a reputable tour agency.

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