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Where online can I get inexpensive original art?

Asked by hrcmatt (132points) July 27th, 2010

I love original art – there’s nothing I hate more than going to people’s houses and just seeing random posters on the wall. Just one of my pet peeves… but I know sometimes it’s hard to find affordable original art.

I know of some places like:

But what else is there?

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I’ll see if I can find some more. My girlfriend has one where she is going to sell some of her drawings.

Darn. You mentioned Esty, and now I must have this (after clicking on your Etsy link).

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Check your local newspaper for art shows/fairs in your area.

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Estate sales. Auctions. Galleries. Some artists are willing to negotiate especially if they are hungry. You can find some exceptional deals sometimes where you least expect it.

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Try making some of your own? I did and my friends love it.

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That’s a good idea about finding them in the local area..

I am trying to get more online though.. and yes, I’m looking for those VERY starving, artists who would sell for cheap!

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I personally like which shows all the really wacky stuff from etsy all in one place. The subtitle of the site is where DYI meets WTF!

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What kind of stuff you looking for? I may have something around here you can use.

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I, really, honestly, sometimes find great, original art at the Goodwill, garage sales and other resale places. I’m like you, I would absolutely rather have original art than some print or poster. My best find was a 19th century Japanese block print, yes, really. I found a original, genuine, 19th Japanese block print at my local Goodwill for $7.00. Absolutely one of my top 5 Goodwill finds of all time. The print was appraised for $400. Oh yeah, I’m good, yes I am. :)

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You might want to check out They feature a really diverse group of painters that use all different type of mediums.

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These are great guys, keep it coming.

I’m an artist myself and love collecting..

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Why does it have to be online? I’d just try to go where local artists are showing their work—at outdoor exhibits, in coffee shops and theaters, at artists’ coops, and even at summer tourist spots and city streetcorners. I’ve bought from street artists in Boston, Berkeley, and Paris and seen impromptu street shows (pictures hanging from chain link fences or set up along pedestrian walkways) everywhere from Atlanta to Edinburgh.

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@Jeruba I was just asking online. I’m already really into the art scene here in my hometown – and would love some work from people all over the country. I go to art shows, gallery openings, etc.. already.

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I have stuff at It’s mostly photography, but I’m going to be putting some of my hand drawn stuff on there too. Plus if you use the coupon code DE6172 you’ll get 20% off your order.

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That’s easy, go to It’s a website composed of artists, displaying, and selling their art. A lot of the artists have online stores where you can buy what you like. The downside is, it’s hard to find something worth buying. You have to use the catagories to narrow down what kind of art your looking for. Think most of it is pretty cheap. Happy hunting. Wish I could suggest some of the better ones but I havent been on in awhile.

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Can you buy original art (not prints) on deviantart?

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I don’t know, maybe, you would have to ask the artist.

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