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How do I find out an anonymous message?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 27th, 2010

Okay so today I was on my myspace and I got this message:

i really like you but im scared to tell you you see me everyday at school but we never speak i just hope someday our fate will bring us together
from ??? (2 months ago)

I don’t know who it’s from it was anonymous so I tried going through all of my options but the only one that matched the description was Amber, we’re friends, we see each other at school, but we don’t talk. BUT….She doesn’t have a myspace so how would she send me this? Can someone help me on this? I’m already getting confused by the mixed things that are happening…

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What’s to say that she’s not using a myspace anonymous account?

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It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it.

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Damn myspace mustve changed since i deleted mine a few months ago cause i was barely using it and everyone i knew was using facebook. Since when can messages be sent anonymously? weird

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I don’t know anything about myspace but can you answer back with something like “reveal yourself so we can talk”?

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Either bullshit or a person weak of character. You want neither.

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I would not trust this, not if everybody in the world knows you’re crazy about Amber and it might be that she doesn’t feel the same. Someone is toying with you, I’m afraid. Ignore this attempt at a cruel joke.

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Ignore it. It could someone you don’t even know.

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Accept it as a form of flattery but don’t think about it too much. If someone really likes you, anonymity over the internet is not the way to let you know. Assuming too much can only lead to embarrassing yourself.

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Hm yes I know all of the answers are true in their own ways, but the thing is only your current friends you have can send the messages no one that you don’t have as a friend can send you them. So it’s one of my friends that I know or I just don’t pay attention to enough…

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Don’t even respond. Ignore.

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Ask a computer wizard. I think they can trace addresses. Look around you in school, see if you catch someone looking at you. I would also tell an adult because this could be some dangerous person. Inform your school security and your parents. Wait and see what other messages, if any, are written to you. Is this public, the facebook. If it’s a “wall” thing, others can see it so don’t be too scared then. Other than that, I would be extremely flattered and excited.

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