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Can anyone suggest safe bones (or chew toys) for my dog to chew on?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) July 27th, 2010

I have a large dog and she has broken teeth. I don’t give her any bones to chew on because I’ve noticed blood on them after she has chewed awhile. The only thing I allow her to have are the rope bones but she eats them and they don’t seem to digest very well. Are there any good alternatives to regular rawhide bones to help satisfy her craving to chew?

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Talk to her vet.

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If her gums bleed, she needs to have her teeth scaled. If she is healthy enough to anesthetize, you should get that done. Dogs get periodontal disease just like people. And the health consequences are the same.

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If your dog is over the age of 7 and you dont take him to get his teeth cleaned that often than the blood is normal so don’t feel bad for your dog because they can barely feel any pain. Just the fun they are having with the toy. Same with my dog who is 13. We have a big bucket of toys by our door for all of our dogs to pick from (we have 5) and so shes smart enough to pick all the toys she likes. And she keeps going backt o her favorite one which is the one that is chewed up and has a bunch of blood on it. She loves it. This may sound weird but on a hot day you can fereze an old rag and fill it with ice. Its kinda like a cold chew toy for them on hot summer days. By the way you can do that with humans too. But some just prefer ice water. But anyway back to the question. I guess I would reccomned Dentastix which is an edible chew toy.

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Ooh yes, go to the vet!

They will probably have to do an extraction.

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First things first- time for a vet check-up.

After that- I would recommend Nylabone’s Edible bones

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I recommend this toy kong.
It’s made of hard rubber and hard to tear up or ruin teeth.

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Do you mean your dog is old and its teeth are worn down or it actually has teeth that are broken off?

I have two 13 year old dogs and they both get raw beef neck bones every night. My big dog has teeth that are all worn down but it doesn’t bother him, he loves his bones, nor do his gums bleed. They are very healthy because he has always had bones and they keep his teeth and gums healthy.

I am sure you already know, do not give dogs cooked bones (although I know many people who do) most agree it is not a good idea because cooked bones may splinter and cause internal damage.

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