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Any jellies on Etsy? What are you selling?

Asked by Jude (32190points) July 27th, 2010

Here I am. I don’t make anything. I just buy (like a mo’fo’).

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I love, love, love Etsy….!!

I think it is the most beautiful buying site on the planet…I cannot believe the amazing creations on there.

sssssssshhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anybody….lol

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@jjmah….You are most welcome…great topic!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus I do my best to stay away. A good chunk of my paycheck could easily be dropped there. :)

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I’m not really familiar with the site but in looking at my specialty which is toys, I came across this
really funky gal[]=tags&includes[]=title
I sold two 1970 original Blythe dolls for over 2000. last year. Not bad for a doll that was marked down from 4 bucks to 2 bucks back in the day.
The site just seems like an artsy eBay though.

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I’m not on Etsy, but I do sell boho purses this time of year. Big oversized shoulder bags, mostly patchwork…. but every single one is custom made to order, so the patterns and colors vary – and a lot of them end up not really being patchwork. I also sell wallets (often to match the purse) and a few other items. This is one that I made recently… bad picture, but it was the first pic I had handy.

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I love looking at the stuff on there, even though I almost never buy anything. The only thing I have ever bought from Etsy is a beautiful bird ring for just $12. I find that the handmade jewelry on the site is just so different and pretty, and they are usually priced much more reasonably than if one were to find similar jewelry in a store.

I’m looking forward to see if anyone on here actually sells anything…then I’ll have an excuse to monitor shop.

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Hadn’t heard of the site before now; but I do like what I see so far. It has been bookmarked so I can take a good look at it later. I like buying and selling.

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Love Etsy – shop there all the time. Not a seller there.

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I’m not really on Etsy, but I do like looking around the site, at other people’s work. Maybe someday I will have enough stuff, that is good enough, to start selling there, but not yet.

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My wife has her own store here. It has the same type of stuff you’d find on Etsy, except it’s on her own site.

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Not currently, I sold out of my handmade work, but I have a lot of contacts who sell there.

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I’m on etsy and currently buying from etsy!! I’ve found all sorts of stuff on there..

I’m an avid art collector and artist. I love buying pieces from all over the world. I wish etsy was more “worldly”. I recently got a handcarved wooden Mayan calendar from Mexico, it’s amazing.

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I love Etsy. I’ve got lots of wonderful items added to my favourites. The only problem for me is the cost of shipping. It usually costs more than the items themselves in the end. If I won the lotto, I’d blow a lot of my winnings there :)

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I’ve just made a store so now I am a buyer and seller.

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I just tried to ask this question word for word. No joke.

Anyhoo I buy way too much on there, and I’m also a seller

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