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Do you think that famous people are better than the average person?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) July 27th, 2010

Are famous people able to be famous because they are better people, better meaning, smarter, stronger, more driven, than the average person, in general. Overall, are famous people genius’, overlooking the few seemingly idiotic celebs?

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They are definitely better at getting attention than other people, smarter?, I doubt it. More driven, most certainly.

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No. just look at Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton If they are better than me, please stab me with a fork.

oops…overlooked your last sentence. ;)


They’re only better at making a name for themselves, and even then they didn’t do it——we and other “average people” did that for them! Sheesh!

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They’re the same as everyone else. Some of them have talent. Some have good looks and a good publicist. Some of them just stumbled into the spotlight.

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Impossible, they have to be better, how could they hold onto their fame and make it work for them, that would be so difficult.

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@truecomedian Doesn’t look that difficult to me.

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Yeah but how do you know all they have to do, the inside stuff. It’s hard to act, or play music, as well as many famous people. I’m an average guy and I am so far from doing anything to get famous for, ok, maybe Im below average in some ways. Just wondering, thought it would be tough to be famous.

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@truecomedian It depends on the level of fame, amount of talent, personal intelligence (this guides your lifestyle). IT can be overwhelming, I imagine, but I don’t think it has to be.

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Celebrities are celebrities because they are beautiful in a “rare” way.
Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

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@truecomedian Only the fans make people famous, and many people are sheep and like to follow what’s popular. Unfortunately, the people that are real geniuses, working tirelessly to help others, are overlooked.

Kill some robots and show some titties and you’re famous. sigh

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Maybe I’m just naive. What about Natalie Portman, she took a break from acting and went to Harvard. Ok I think I get it, thank you for the answers so far.

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fuck no, i would be so annoyed, always.

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@truecomedian Oh. Natalie Portman. She is definitely smarter than your average bear. :)

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Some of us just are better than you.~

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I’m aware and totally ok with that.
I asked this question in hopes of getting some good feedback, which I did. But it also showed me something else, people dont like to consider themselves as less than someone else. The link between form and function, the better something looks, the better it functions, it’s true. The truth is, let’s say A-list celebrities and stadium sell out rockstars, are better than the average person. This might kill my question but fuck it. Am I wrong to think this, and how wrong am I, I have an open mind, am I just, totally 100% wrong? Oh well, I tried…

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Your question is a little goofy, but the answer is no.

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That depends what they’re famous for. They’re usually famous because they do something which the average person doesn’t do. Actors are famous because they can act better than the average person, and are probably less shy than a majority of average people, so in that field they are better than the average person, ie better at acting, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re smarter or better people than the average person. Others are famour because they’re smarter (Einstein), or because they have the drive to put whatever talent they have to some use (eg teaching people how to do something). So yes, in a sense, i’d say in some way or form, someone who is famous is better than the average person in that particular “field” which they’re famous for. Which of course doesn’t always necessarily make them better people in general, they’re most often just better in something particular and have chosen to make this known to the world. Many people are better at something yet are not famous because they keep it to themselves, in a way.

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You just showed me a major flaw in my belief. I didn’t factor in morality, if the person is good or evil. I just said better. But you’ll find that famous people, real celebs, are good at many number of things. They also make millions of dollars, doing something they enjoy, they got it made, they got it figured out. It’s not easy to make millions, I know, I’m trying to right now, ha.

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@truecomedian – Absolutely! Hehe….i’m trying too… :D

Oh, i usually first consider the moral goodness or evilness of a person, haha. :) But i sometimes let that override whatever other good the evil ones are doing.

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@deni Lmao… sentiments exactly. Everyone puts their pants on, one leg at a time! I’m not better than anyone, but no one is better than me!

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No; they’re not “better” whatever that means. You must have a Formula of:
Charisma, Luck, being in the right place at the right time (part of luck) and being able to be someone else at will. Marlon Brando got in trouble w/his agent for saying, “acting is easy. All you have to do is pretend to be someone else.” I think he was being modest. So many actors are Fantastic at being someone else: Dustin Hoffman. Jack Nicholson. Janet Leigh. Jack Lemmon. My fav: the black guy in Driving MIss Daisy. Love him. The list is Endless. The best are Gifted but not “better than” other people. Carpenters are gifted. Surgeons are gifted. Glass blowers, artists are gifted.

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I would not want that life for all the money in China. Papperazzi. Being spied on. I like being a unknown..

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@Frenchfry I agree with you. I like my quiet little life. My husband on the other hand has started an internet radio show, and is starting to get many fans. He would like to make it big some day, so he can do what he loves and not have to be a laborer for the rest of his life. It’s a struggle for me. I wonder how I will handle his fame, if or when that happens.

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@Aster Morgan Freeman, by the way… Morgan Freeman…

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So are we all equal? It’s just a matter of consequence that sets us apart? There’s no one better than anyone else, and better means better. I don’t know, I was taught that everyone in the world could be numbered from least to greatest, and everyone basically had there number. It’s not a perfect idea, but makes sense to me somehow. I like the idea of there being someone out there that’s the best. He or she is the overall, top dog, number one, even if it’s not a known fact. And then there are children born into poverty, now if you believe in past lives, it could be that in a past life we were a poor third world child, we’ve been there, done that, now we’re here, able to Fluther. I don’t know, Ive hung out with a couple famous people and they sure seemed like they had more going on than I did. I could never be famous, couldnt handle the stress, I’m such a private person, ha. Here I am spilling my guts into a void.

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@truecomedian By “better than” I would say that Leonardo DaVinci was better than, say, Jeffrey Dahmer. Mozart was better than PeeWee Herman. Beethoven was better than. Charles Manson. But actors? naaahhh Just charismatic and lucky.

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@Facade thanks, Mfreeman. I am getting worse and worse remembering names.

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Many are not. So-called celebrities ending up in rehab for example.

Sarah Palin is famous too. Her educational level is below average for white collar workers.

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Some are more talented than us, yes – doesn’t make them better, overall.

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Absolutely not. In fact a lot of them are not even good people. Money or fame does not define a person nor does it make them “better”. Most all famous people are born into it. Research that, you will be surprised.

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