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How to convert .txt file to .srt ?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3111points) July 27th, 2010

I have downloaded some English songs & also downloaded lyrics of them.But the lyrics are in .txt format. These extensions don’t work on GOM player. GOM player supports only for .srt format.So,I want to convert those into .srt format to watch the songs with their lyrics.

Do you know any converter? or Do you know any player which accepts ”.txt” format ?(So, i won’t have to convert from .txt to .srt)

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@blinkErri You could try these. I found them on Google using search term “convert .txt file to .srt”, but remove the quotes first.

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@Andreas :I just read the contents on first link.there it is given that how to convert .srt to .txt.

& I tried second one.I downloaded the lyric which is in .txt format.then copied same content & saved it in new text file with extension .srt. I played the same song & opened the subtitle explorer but it wasn’t detectable.

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@blinkErri I can’t offer any more help on this. Before your post I’d never heard of a .srt file.

All the best in your hunt for the answer. :-)

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@Andreas :It’s OK Andreas! Thanks for helping me :)

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