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Natural ways to dye my hair?

Asked by Chrissi85 (1070points) July 28th, 2010

I can’t dye my hair because I am allergic to hair dye, I have tried loads and have everything from a fairly mild (but still very unpleasant) reaction, to needing hospital treatment. I know there are natural hair dyes but they cost a fortune! I am wondering if anyone knows any cheap and natural ways I can darken my hair?

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Have you tried Lush Henna bars? Here

I remember my mum telling me that you could use coffee grounds to darken hair, also red sage.

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I’m not sure if I can use henna, it’s one of the things in hair dye, and I am not 100% sure exactly what it is I am allergic to, but I know you can be allergic to henna. I haven’t always been allergic, but a few years ago I had to use this awful steroid shampoo for a skin condition, and it seems to have kicked it off. Yeah I heard something about using tea bags, but I have no idea of the method and the internet is being contradictory

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You can use black tea and coffee to darken your hair. Look up a how-to on the net. It’s pretty easy. It won’t be as noticeable as a box hair dye; it’s more gradual.

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do a henna test…..on your elbow. 24 hours before you try it on your head.

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I am reluctant to do a test as the last time I used hair dye the reaction was pretty much instant, and very strong. I will just avoid it all together. Yeah I have heard about the tea and coffee things, I will look it up =) thanks. Wish there was a way to make my hair a bit more red without using henna…

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If you want reddish, use berry juice. It only lasts a day or two, so has to be re-applied often. For gold highlights, boil a whole bunch of the outside skin of onions and rinse your hair in that.

The problem with any natural product you can make yourself, it will only be a temporary rinse.

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I am happy for it to be temporary as long as it’s cheap and easy enough for me to re-do =) thanks

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Kool-Aid , really

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the mix to make homemade juice, it really works, but you have to be careful if you wear white because the color bleeds, and it lasts for about a week or so

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@Ludy sadly we don’t have Kool Aid over here, and I have no idea what our equivalent would be. I would also probably be plagued by wasps

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well is not like you put sugar in it, and any brand could work, i just prefered Kool aid because is got very concentrated colorants

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where are you anyway?

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My mom is severely allergic to hair color. She has tried many different kinds and never found anything that didn’t give her burns and hives. She has finally started coloring her hair again. She takes a couple Benadryl before she goes to the hair stylist and doesn’t get hives or burns quite as bad. I think she’s a lunatic. The doctor told her to quit trying to color her hair or she could go actually die. Maybe he said anapylactic shock, but I don’t know for sure.

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Wait, what?? There’s no Kool-Aid in England??

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@sliceswiththings They don’t have Kool-Aid in Australia either! They don’t know what they are missing!!

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omg i have to take benadryls for some mild allergies since may and they have made my life miserable since, i’d prefer to have my natural color forever if that was the solution :) and actually i have not dyed my hair in like 4 years and i feel very proud of it, it’s been hard tough

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I have looked into the kool-aid thing, it seems like it works really well but only if you have light hair, whereas mine is more mousy brown. Worth a look though, might be able to find something similar. If not I am just gonna try and darken/redden it a bit. Thanks for the input guys =)

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glad to help, and u are right, it won’t change your hair color dramatically but is worth the try :D

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