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What three things reminds you of your father?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) July 28th, 2010

Cars, computers, and the Statler Brothers. Remind me of mine.

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Aircraft carriers, Cuban cigars and Packard convertibles.

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I last saw my father when I was very young that I can’t even remember how he looked like:/
He just left my mom when I was very young…
But I think I have hair on the sides of my cheeks is what reminds me of him, I think he is very hairy, Also I have really thick hair and it’s always a pain in the ass combing it and stuff:/

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1. A favorite photo I have of him in my home office
2. Leica cameras (he sold them)
3. My face as it ages

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Dixieland and ragtime piano, sailboats, and golf.

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Seeing random big, black men
Seeing random big, black pick-up trucks
The Navy

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Silly grumpiness
Blazing Saddles – the fart scene

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The song ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ I heard 8 times the day he died.
Seeing someone in a brown Dickie’s workshirt and pants. He wore those all the time.
Seeing teens mouthing off to their parents. My dad would have killed us. If we had ever went against the teachings he installed in us to respect and love our parents.

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Weak emotionally
If it looks good on the outside, doesn’t matter all that much what’s on the inside

Two days before my Mom died, she looked at my Dad square in the eye and said “You put those kids first”. She knew.

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I only get three? :(

8-track tapes, “I see dead people,” and the Jeopardy! think music.

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If I could add three more happy images/thoughts:

A master of creating beautiful things (great cook, decorator, good with flowers)
excellent story teller
knows everyone and their Mother and Father (very social)

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My son (his quick witt and his looks), boats on the water, and fishing rods.

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Only three? Good grief!
The smell of rubber. (My dad worked in a tire shop)
The sound of race cars (My dad often worked in pit crews at the races)
Playing cards (My dad taught me how to play Pitch, which I can’t play anymore, since no one knows it).

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@jjmah Mine is very social as well. It’s wired how the bad is paired with the good huh?

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Our names, christian as well as surname.
Divorce when I was six years old.
Not being there from then on. (Completely over it though moved on years ago.)

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@Facade I think with my Dad, it’s all a big show. He likes to look good (in every which way when with others). It’s the inside that sometimes looks like a piece of shit.

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The responses to this always get to me. I think of more than three things, but if I have to narrow it down to three, it always comes back to the same:
1 I was very blessed
2 He was a great dad
3 I wish he was still alive

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@jjmah Ahh, same here! I couldn’t stand going to functions with him because it was so disgusting how he would smhooze everyone, especially the women. Phony ass…

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Never knew my Dad. He was a victim of World War II. Dad was one of the many to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He came back with many mental problems and went into a shell, after too much alcohol with so many anger issues that he took out on his family, but certainly respect Dad for what he did for all of us. So, my answer would be great respect.

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Only 3? Then it will have to be limited to smells:
1. Packer’s Tar Soap
2. Mennen Talcum Powder
3. Black Jack gum

My sisters must have felt the same way. One gave us each a bar of his soap after he passed away. The other tracked down packets of Black Jack gum and tucked them into our Christmas stockings.

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1. Frank Sinatra
2. Nature
3. Scotch

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I wish he was still alive. I miss him so very much.

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1. Chevy Impala’s from the 1970’s era
2. A paddle with my name on it
3. Any beautiful golf course

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When people TRY to push my buttons it reminds me how he would quickly protect me
Going bowling, the sounds of the pins remind me of how often he was there and taking us to do fun things
the sound of coins clicking together and someone sneezing reminds me how he would give me and my bro an allowance. he would fill his hands with quarters and pretend to sneeze. we would pick up the money and bring it to our rooms.

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Dad #2 mobile home parks…he owned 1

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There are quite a few more than three… but here’s a few.

Rudyard Kipling’s “Gunga Din”
“Rocky Horror Picture Show”
Gymnastics – particularly pommel horse and parallel bars.

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There are several, but…

-“Forever Young” by Rod Stewart
-Edge shave gel
-Tubing/hawking, namely the rope. He was pulling himself out of the water with the rope and kept yelling “rope burn! rope burn! rope burn!” and even to this day I cackle a little bit when I remember it.

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Racing bicycles, the smell of freshly-sawn wood, and koi carp. (his three hobbies – cycling, carpentry and fish-breeding).

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1. Stevie Wonder
2. Earth, Wind & Fire
3. Michael Jackson

He used to love their music.

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I don’t care if the question says just three.. here are three more :P

-Star Trek: The Next Generation
-Peanut butter, jelly, and ham sandwiches
-Most anything having to do with mental illnesses… my dad is a psych nurse and used to run a group home

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I want more too!

Chocolate milkshakes
Stephen King

Star Trek
Comic books.

Puff the Magic Dragon
The Hobbit

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@Seek_Kolinahr really…Bonanza! that surprised me! One of my all-time favorites! Little Joe and Hoss going at it. loll…good stuff!

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ooh yes Stephen King for me too.

and Chunky candy bars.

and clay.

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@BoBo1946 My puppy’s name is Hoss

BoBo1946's avatar

ahhh…that is neat! And, he looks like a Hoss! Cute guy!

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1. Drunkedness
2. Photography
3. Colon Cancer

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Dad #3 is a Bonanza he looked like Loren Greene

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@jazmina88 really…he was a man’s man!

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NECCO wafers, Hee Haw, motorcycles.

(Three wasn’t enough. Had to make another list.)

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@MacBean Oh! Yeah Hee Haw was one of my Dad’s favorites too.

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@Frenchfry There’s a channel on our satellite that shows it, I think for an hour every weekday. Sometimes he still watches it. I thought it was funny when I was a kid, and now I can’t believe how stupid it is. XD

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@MacBean LOL I have Dish Ill look for it. Remember the cornfield . I search the world over and thought I found true love . You met another and pfphht! you were gone. Hee hee

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His eyes were opaque and reminded me of slate and would easily tear if he felt something, which he often did.

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Old Spice
Cigarette stink
home movies

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casinos, oreo cookies, antenna balls with ‘76’ logo

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@Seek_Kolinahr your dad has great taste!

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Thank you, @downtide
We were very close, once upon a time. ^_^

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Cracked wheat cereal, a razor strap and a fishing pole.

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@YARNLADY Ole Spice….good stuff…. Not expensive, but good! He sounds like my kind of man!

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Cameras on a tripod;
Anything with R.C.A. on it;
Gray wool fedoras;
Gilbey’s? Gin.
Fishing lures;
Willie Nelson singing Georgia on My Mind. (eyes welling up)

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cleveland indians


Black skinny ties.

“Kids are to be seen, not heard, and certainly not tolerated if they’re mannerless, attitude”.

Traditional husband and father.


A superlative businessman.

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what @MRSHINYSHOES said too.

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1. Slobbering drunks
2. Emotional weakness
3. Irresponsibility

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