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Does anyone have any information on this teddy bear?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) July 28th, 2010

This is my bear from since I was a baby. I found out that good friend of mine had a very similar one. Does anyone also have similar one? Do you know who makes it? Can I find more?

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I used to have one a lot like that, but no idea where it came from i’m afraid.

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It looks very common. Probably a synthetic plush made by any number of makers. Probably Dakin or Dak Any decent manufacturer will tag it with their logo. Steiff even have brass ear buttons with their logo. Yes that bear is listed at 1,680. It’s 1920’s and very collectible. They may be a little ambitious but i sold one a couple years ago for close to a 1000. Here’s a similar bear to yours by Gund. I know it’s not the same one sorry.

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If the bear has an attached label, this should give you the information you seek.

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Awww. It looks like my sons first teddy bear. I think we have it in a box somewhere. He’s the only stuff animal to make it alive all these years. He’ll be 27 years old. How old is yours? It was too many years ago to even remember where we got it.

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Brownie looks like my Sleepy Bunny! They have similar seams, fluff distribution, and material. Sleepy’s tag has a yellow crown on it, and says she’s from the Manhattan Toy Company. She’s from 1987. Does that ring a bell?

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It is very helpful. Do you have a pic of Sleepy Bunny?

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