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What is your favorite cusine?

Asked by naconasong (371points) July 28th, 2010

I would have a hard time picking just one time myself, how about you?

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Japanese, closely followed by Mexican, Greek and Italian.

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Good lord! Whatever is closest and done well, so long as it isn’t unhealthy.

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Soul food! Tomatoes, Okra, Beans, Blackeyed-peas, Squash, etc. Give me vegatables anyday!

I’m a country boy. Grew up eating vegis and still love them. We have a farmers market closeby and love to visit them on Sat. morning. The best restaurant I’ve ever eaten vegis at is Ajax’s in Oxford, Ms. All done from scratch. No can stuff here.

If not soul food, do love the Iguana Grill! If you ever in Tuscaloosa, Al, check it out.

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Mexican! mmmmmm.

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Do you mean cuisine? Mine would be Indian followed by Greek, Mexican and Thai.

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Cantonese and most middle eastern cuisine.

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I can’t pick just one. I think my favourite would be east Mediterranean: Greek and Turkish, and middle-eastern. Closely followed by south Asian: Indian, Pakistani & Bangladeshi.

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Mediterranean and both Northern and Southern Italian

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Mexican is in first place and has been almost my entire life, then Japanese, then Indian.

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Mexican for me too. I like things SPICY!

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I honestly don’t have one. I probably like something from each cuisine. However, i’m not the most experienced different cuisine eater, there are still many that i want to try.

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All of it.

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it has to be latin cuisine or tex-mex. something with beans and rice and heat. whenever i travel, i have to find the local mexican restaurant and get my fix.

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Pizza & beer!

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Damn that was my answer…
That was my second choice

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Indian food is my favorite, but it is very rich and I would not want to eat it every day. I think I woud get sick of it. On the other hand, I love Mexican food, but it is so basic that I can, and have often, eaten it every day. I also like Thai food.

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