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What steps do I need to take to get hired as a medical transcriptionist?

Asked by scottk (31points) March 21st, 2008

I find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to find a new job, and preferably one where I can work from home. The position of medical transcriptionist was recommended to me, but I know little about it. What background do I need, and how do I break into this field?

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Gf says the easiest thing is to take a medical transcriptionist course (at a community college or tech school). You should also take a course on medical terminology. (And typing, if you need to brush up—speed isn’t as important as accuracy.) In terms of finding work, the school would likely have a placement program, but you can also just present yourself to doctor’s offices and ask if they need transcription services. She said that many get paid by the line (off the top of her head $.17/line, but don’t quote her on that.) I think the medium is pretty much all digital now, but you still use the foot pedals to pause, play and rewind. You’ll have to investigate what the equipment is.

It’s not paper anymore either, so you just send it back and it gets approved.

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Yes being familiar with the different medical terminology is very important.. You must also polish your speed and accuracy in typing.. And the most important is, you must have a very healthy ears to hear clearly the detailed scenario regarding the patient case you will going to transcribe..

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