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Do you like jokes with a meaning or just one that makes you laugh, or both?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) July 28th, 2010

I’ve been around people who are “situation” joke tellers as opposed to just telling a joke. Many years ago (he has moved now), played golf with a guy, and no matter what happened, it would remind him of a good joke. He was good at it. The joke not only was funny, but pertained to the situation. Most everyday after we played golf, we would play dominos together…and he would keep everyone laughing.

Also, jokes can have meaning and be funny. That is a real art. Very few people have that nack.

Oh, I personally do not like gross dirty jokes. Jokes that are demeaning and mean-spirited are not funny. Love children jokes. My favorite one of all-times is the Cheerios joke that is a children’s joke.

Life is tough. Sometimes, a good laugh makes the day a little better. That is my motive in telling a good joke. Like to see my friends laugh. Laughter is good for the soul and light-hearted people live longer according to some health reports.

What kind of jokes do you like?

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A good joke teller can make dull jokes hilarious and will almost always start off with a joke that reflects the situation we all are in. My best friends bother is a joke data base and always has up laughing the entire night!

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I like to laugh . If someone tells me a joke.. Rather for a laugh. Don’t make me think. LOL

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@Cruiser oh, my domino friend…he was good. It is an art.

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@Frenchfry loll…your name is funny! love it…Frenchfry!

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I like very funny jokes , about one a week, max. Habitual joke-tellers Can be either nervous or want to avoid good conversation.

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@Aster agreed….overkill drives people crazy! Got to be done with taste!

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I love narrative jokes. One-liners are hit and miss with me. I would have to say that they need meaning to be funny.

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@tranquilsea yes…longwinded jokes are tiring. I forget the story before they get to the punch line. Again, it is an art.

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I like stories with my jokes.

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Narrative jokes are very short stories that promise a good laugh at the end. I haven’t heard very many that I don’t like. But, as you say @BoBo1946, there is an art to it. You have to practise and practise to get it right.

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@tranquilsea yes, and mannerisms are so important. I’m not a good joke teller. In the real world, i very seldom tell them. Just don’t have that intangible ingredient that is required to be good at it. My ex. was a great joke tellers. But, the joke was on me. loll

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I like any type of joke that makes me laugh. :D I also don’t like mean jokes or icky ones – the types that are just jokes, but not really funny at all (at least the type of people i choose to hang out with don’t find those kinds of things too amuzing).

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@NaturallyMe got’cha…and understood!

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I like any joke, story, pun, vocal gaff, standup routine, cartoon, movie or whatever that makes me laugh. Laughter is better medicine than a tranquilizer, and research has shown it can be medically healing.

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@BoBo1946 Thanks. I like any laughter that doesn’t come at someone else’ expense.

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@Austinlad I’ve read Dennis the Menace for years…everyday. Dennis and Mr. Wilson..they are a pair.

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@Adirondackwannabe could not agree more. Those kind of people are to be avoided.

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If I laugh, there is meaning.

Even if that meaning is no meaning at all. :-)

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@ChazMaz loll…that had a meaning, but i’ve not told any jokes today…nor will i !

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@BoBo1946 I NEVER read the comics but I liked the DTMenace movie w/Matthau. But I like ANY movie with Walter in it.

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I like sarcasm and subtle jokes.

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I like them both, but I like the ones that have meaning more.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir it is an art form so people will enjoy them. It can be over done.

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@Dutchess_III yes, those you always remember!

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I like jokes, but am terrible at remembering them..BUT…I LOVE being humorous and inane.

It’s a big part of my personality and writing style.

Off the cuff humor, word play, verbosity, silliness….like my profile says, humor is EVERYTHING!

Sort of like not trusting animal haters, I don’t trust humorless types either.

Pretty sad if you can’t laugh, and especially at yourself!

I just started a ‘tantrum’ journal…for those little pissy moments when your inner child gets the best of you.

So far, two tantrums in two weeks.

Slammed my kinked hose against the fence in a frusterating moment and bent the nozzle. Now it kinks AND sprays me in the face.

Bought a new alarm clock today because I pitched the other one across the room the other night while trying to connect my new phones under my bed. lololol

Not too bad, only 2 tantrums in about 5 years…was overdue! haha

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@Coloma thank you for being a friend today. Everything is cool.

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I’m not into long story-type jokes. I do not care for dirty, gross, race or ethnic jokes too much either. I actually prefer the “lame” jokes, very simple “laughy taffy” type jokes. I like making up jokes from real life scenerios/experiences as well.

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@Jabe73 we are on the same page my friend!

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All of them. Even the ones that go over my head. I get to ponder them. Then I get to research when I’m told the answer and still do not get them.

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Jokes with a meaning don’t really make me laugh, but I like them because they have meaning. I tend to laugh more at one-liners and funny situations.

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