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Do you have any big noticable scars or any other ones you are self conscious about?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) July 28th, 2010

I have a big 2nd degree burn that is about 2 weeks old. It’s healing, it’s really pink, it’s still a new scar. I keep it covered because I know a lot of people will stare and ask me questions. Already with the bandage, people stare and treat me like I’m a cripple already! It’s not even a big deal but people stare and have no manners…

I’m hoping it’ll fade soon but I know it’ll be a long while.

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I have scars on my forehead from when I was a kid our St bernard bite me. I notice it when I put on makeup. One on right about above my eyebrow and the the other is by my hairline. It not so big.I notice it.I haven’t had too many people in my life ask me about it so it can’t be so bad.

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I have some dark brown marks on my chin from having picked at acne/pimples in that area. I wish I knew how to make them fade away without creams. My skin is oily and creams just make it more prone to great big zits.

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I have lots of scars, but none that I worry about.

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I have a burn scar the size of a dime on the top side of my right hand just under the thumb that people always ask me about. I got it laying in the grass with my arm under my head. Some kind of chemical in the grass burned me as deeply as if I had touched a hot charcoal broiler, which I also did once and have the scar to show for that, too. (Probably more info than you wanted.)

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I am a short, fairly thin-ish girl that had a 10½ lb baby.

Two years later, the stretch marks still look fresh. My stretch marks have stretch marks. My stomach looks like a deflated balloon.

Here is a pic of a preggo belly. I wasn’t even close to done at that point. This was a week before I delivered.

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No. I have some small ones though.
One where I cut off half of my thumb tip with a bread cutting machine as a child, and one on my head where there was a wart.
And there is one on my upper leg where, as a child, I burnt away a large swath of skin with boiling water. Went to school the next day with the untreated burn and only afterwards to the doc. Shit hurt.

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I have scars in and around my vagina from two labors and when I feel over them, I remember my labors and interesting but good emotions come up.

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Not so much a “scar” but I have stretch marks on my legs, which seems weird because I’m not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. I believe they were a side effect of cortisone steroids I was prescribed in the past, actually. They’re fairly unsightly and I wish I could figure out how to lighten them.

The only lasting scar I have is very small and unnoticable, but it has a pretty big meaning to me. It’s a small circle on my upper left arm where I received IV nutrition for two months.

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I have two mole-type bumps on my face that I am self-conscious about, but they are flesh colored, and don’t show up too bad.

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My face has scars from severe acne as a teen and a particularly bad case of chicken pox in the 4th grade. I was self-conscious about the scarring when I was younger, but now I could give a shit.

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When I was little (like 2 or 3) I was pushing my “imaginary friend” on the swings outside. The swing hit my face and gave me a cut right next to my nose. It needed 2 stitches. Now I have a scar that everyone asks about. I don’t even notice it that much, and I’m not at all self-conscious about it, but everyone that I get to know asks me about it at some point or another.

@Mariah I have a friend that has stretch marks on his knee because he was growing so fast a couple of months ago.

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I had a cesarean section with my first child. I’m not self conscious about the scar any longer, but it does feel very strange when I touch it.

I also have a scar on my upper back from a sebaceous cyst that was removed 10 years ago. I’m asked about it all the time, but at least that large cyst is gone. I lived with it for several years, and I was always embarrassed when I wore tank tops and bathing suits.

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I have two scars on my leg from being shot when I was a kid (one needed 17 stitches, the other 14), a scar next to my left eyebrow from slipping and falling while playing tag, and one square in the middle of my forehead from a door falling on me (7 stitches), also when I was a kid.

The ones on my face are barely noticeable, but the ones on my leg are hideous. I hate when people ask me what happened to my leg, not becaus I’m ashamed or embarrassed, but because as soon as I do, they immediately want to know the whole story with all the gory details.

too bad for them there are no gory details, its all pretty boring

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I just think it’s annoying how I’ll get 10 of the same questions a day. I’m serious.

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