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Another anxiety question about symptoms...

Asked by tan235 (877points) July 28th, 2010

hi all,

just wondering about something, i get this weird horrible anxiety symptom (or what i assume to be a symptom) where i get a rush of adrenalin to my head, it feels horrible and then after that i can feel pins and needle type feelings all through my body – i’ve just had one and am now freaking out… but i’ve been getting them since i can remember getting anxiety, but am now worried it maybe something more sinister – does this sound like an anxiety symptom to you?

Thank you

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This sounds normal for anxiety symptoms. When I experience anxiety, I feel like I’m almost dying. My chest hurts and I have a hard time swallowing. Here’s a list of some common anxiety symptoms.

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Can you pinpoint what you’re doing or think when this happened most recently?

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well it just happened 40 minutes ago which prompted me to write the question…. i was just doing music, i wasn’t really doing anything….... staring at the computer I guess…...

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You don’t have to live with a level of anxiety that cripples your life. You can get real relief from SSRIs.

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It actually sounds to me like a panic attack… (sorry, maybe that’s just another word for what you’re describing as having anxiety, in which case I’m not adding anything new here). I used to have panic attacks all the time, and I thought I would never be free of them… But I worked out what the trigger was, (and it was always the same thing), and I worked to recognise the trigger and avoid the panic attack that way…

I still succumb if I get over tired, and it is exactly as you describe, but I have learned to deal with the cause rather than the panic attack itself. I don’t think you are experiencing anything sinister, though I fully understand how you may feel that. Perhaps if you can think of it as a physical response to an emotional state that may help?

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get your blood pressure checked?

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@harple – totally agree with you.

@tan235 if you are getting a rush of adrenalin to your head then yes you are having a panic attack. And quite literally it makes you panic. Your body goes through the ‘fight or flight’ response, and cant cope when you do neither. It’s an overload of adrenalin.

Panic Attacks are symptons – of conditions such as Anxiety & Depression.

I too use to have panic attacks a lot. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I couldn’t breathe, I’d get dizzy, I’d be panicking, for an unknown reason.
I soon became very withdrawn, and avoided people at all costs (it was humiliating freaking out in front of others).
It was only when my work threatened to sack me that I was forced to go to the doctors. It was the best move I ever made.
I was diagnosed with depression and it went from there. 1 year later and I was panic attack free, and I’ve never had another. Although I still suffer from depression at times, no more attacks and it makes coping with life much easier (especially when you’re depressed anyway).
I strongly urge you to go see your gp. Even if you just want them to explain in greater detail, what is happening to you (physiologically) during an attack.

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