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What to do with spare formica samples?

Asked by chad (694points) March 21st, 2008

I recently came into possession of multiple rings of formica samples, and I plan on using them for a creative side project. However, I’m not quite sure what one can really do with these. If you have any tips or ideas as to what I can use these for, please post them!

If you don’t know what formica samples look like, here is an attached photograph to show you:

I look forward to your suggestions! Thank you!

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a mobile for baby’s room?

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I’d be tempted to make myself a formica wall with those babies!!!

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Cover the top of a table, like tiles – decorative and unusual.
A large scale, framed art piece.
A border around a mirror.
Backing for an aquarium (on the outside of the tank).

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Have you ever seen the collages made of many different pictures that look like one large picture from a distance? In my opinion, that would be a very interesting project to partake in.

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I have a few ideas:

Arrange them in a grid like a calendar – 5×7, then print and cut out numbers to pin on top of them. Or even cut out different styles of numbers out of magazines. Use as a calendar. When you go on to the next month, you can move the numbers around to reflect the correct placements of the numbers.

Use as coasters.

Glue them on the sides of a terra cotta pot like tiles to dress up otherwise plain looking pottery.

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I have a friend who used to build her own wooden forms, mix her own concrete and then make risers or steps in a wooded area. She embedded bits of coloured broken glass in them; stunning when the concrete hardened. I wonder whether the formica chips could be embedded in a similar fashion.

Or throw your own pottery and decorate the pieces.

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Or do what Martha Stewart did in an ad for something or other, when she was getting rid
of all her old credit cards – she re-lined her swimming pool with them.

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Ah, susanc; I remember that visual. At the end, the camera pulled back; the image at the bottom of the swimming pool was that of a large and accurate Mona Lisa.

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Yes! Pointillism!! What a girl.

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