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What's a good anti scarring cream?

Asked by Sunsetseast (85points) July 28th, 2010 from iPhone

Sis just cut her lip in car accident. Any creams or lotions that reduce or negate scarring?

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Anything with Vitamin E in it. Creams I mean. My daughter fell off the trampoline when she was little and when they put the butterfly stitch on her chin they left a small piece of skin sticking out. It healed like that. A few years later we found a product with Vitamin E in it, applied it faithfully and now you can hardly tell it was ever scarred. (chin).

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Pure Vit. E oil is good.

Also take plenty internally ( the RDA 400 IU’s I think ) as well a Vit. C, for collegen restoration.

Keep the scar out of the sun as well untill it is fully healed.

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remember to consult a doctor or nutritionist before taking anything internally too, and when your sister does, this will help the most.

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I want to know too. I have a bad 2nd degree burn healing up. I’ve been using cocoa butter and scar zone.

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I thought neosporin was supposed to reduce the odds that a cut will scar.

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I’ve used mederma and cocoa butter.

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Antibacterial ointment as @TheOnlyNeffie suggested. If you are allergic to neosporin, try one of the others like bacitracin.

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Shea butter or cocoa butter. Vaseline will also do, although not as well.

@TheOnlyNeffie Nesosporin doesn’t help any more than petroleum jelly without antibiotics. Once the wound is closed, the antibiotics aren’t able to fight off anything they would need to, so they just fight off harmless bacteria outside your body and help create superbugs. When you see those picture of “with Neosporin/without Neosporin”, it’s the Vaseline that helped, not the antibiotics. Which is why my surgeon father refused to buy me any when I had surgery. Something about “never being able to prove it helped”.

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@papayalily right, but I get the impression that this is a fresh wound.. so, essentially something to keep the skin supple while it heals?

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@TheOnlyNeffie Still won’t help anymore than Vaseline. Once it clots (normally about 10 minutes after the cut is created) there’s no point to the antibiotics.

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