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How can a member of Fluther say a group thank you to the responders?

Asked by Auntie_Em (186points) July 28th, 2010

A lot of the answers I have received to a few of the more personal questions have been inciteful and thoughtful. Is it possible to go “Kudos” to a great group of Fluther members. Thanks for your answers. Or do we have to answer one at a time each time.

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I think you just did.

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You’re welcome if I was one of those that you were thanking. It is kind of you to do so.

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There isn’t any way to send a group PM, so I usually just thank everyone in the thread itself. After I’ve received lots of good answers to one of my questions, I just ‘answer’ it thanking everyone.

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go @all thank-you

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@Auntie_Em watch your words! “have been inciteful and thoughtful”
Are you trying to incite a Fluther riot?

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(@anartist is pointing out that comments with insight are insightful (perceptive, wise) and that to incite means to stir up, such as to incite a riot.)

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I usually wait until the responses die down to my question & try to make sure my comment is the last & then I type ”@Everyone – Thank you all for the help…”

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