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What does being a romantic mean to you?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) July 28th, 2010

And are you one? Why or why not?

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Yes, I am a romantic. I love flowers and lace. I love happy endings. I root for romances.

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Being romantic means doing nice things for the person I’m with and not thinking of getting anything in return. Yes, I’m a romantic. I like putting other people before myself.

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Hm it all depends on what you mean by it. Sure I’m only 13 but I guess I can be “romantic” But sure I’ll count me as one because I’m always loving to my girl, I love romance so it inspired me to be romantic, idk how else to describe it by that. But Yes I would take her out on a candle light dinner in France or Paris or somewhere like that, get a nice hotel for us to be alone together. This is all what I’m thinking….

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ro·man·tic ~ one who idealizes love with impractical or unrealistic ideas.

No. I am not one. I don’t believe in fairy tale endings or in love that lasts forever. Relationships take a lot of maintenance and feelings can fade over time.

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@Luffle : I like how you look at reality at least. Since it is true :)

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A “romantic” to me is a guy who is a little bit corny, but in a charming, appealing way, more sensitive, spontaneous. The kind of guy who will bring you flowers for no reason, surprise you, take you out to interesting places, say sweet things, put himself out there more. I guess I think of the male counterpart in romantic comedy movies… the kind that don’t really exist :P I don’t really date “romantic” guys. I’m interested in real men :P But seriously, a guy doesn’t have to do that kinda shit to win my heart. It all seems like a big facade to me. I appreciate the more genuine comments/gestures.

I am not sure if I’m one. I do romantic things from time to time, and I definitely anticipate love being a big part of my life.

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Simply put, a romantic believes and hopes that romantic love is always around the next corner.

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My name is Ruby and I sing for the band.

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i am a romantic. on the last day of our vacation (my wife and i), i took the kids to summer day camp early in the morning. the night before i prepared all kinds of stuff for a picnic for just her and me.

she didnt feel like doing anything on that day, but when she saw how i hooked up the picnic basket and “premeditated” everything, she was all gung-ho. we spent the entire afternoon eating homemade italian sandwiches and drinking a good wine by the lakeshore.

romance always rekindles relationships especially in marriage. never forget romance. never.

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I am not the least bit romantic. I often feel like romantic gestures are a bunch of phoney balogny hooey put on for effect or show, because I have met a few men who wanted to play Don Juan with roses and champaign then act like douche bags and leave me hanging when I really needed someone.

I am not looking for a partner anymore, and most likely someone would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to reconsider. However if I DID want a man, I want him to be mister reliable. The kind of guy that will sit in a hospital waiting room for hours when I need to go to the emergency room. The kind of guy who will help dry the dishes or fix a leaky faucet. I wouldn’t care if all he had was an old rickety pick up truck, I would be so happy to see him show up every day when he promised he would. If I broke down and needed my hero, my heart would just swoon when I saw his old pick up chugging toward me to save me. I can’t have kids but , you know I would want the kind of guy that would change a diaper and push a stroller. I like big burly guys so right now I have a tear in my eye while envisioning some biker looking 300 pound gorilla pushing a stroller or holding a puppy. Yep, I always thought I’d find my teddy bear, mister reliable. I want someone that is predictable and steady like a rock, dependable as the sun rising in the morning. I want to believe in him with my whole heart that I can depend on him to be there when the going gets tough, when the money runs out, when the house caves in. My dream boat would be my constant when nothing else is, and we’d pick up the pieces and move on together. There no matter what. When the whole world has me surrounded, there would always at least be one person on my side.

I want to be the same way too.

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@le_inferno yup, you hit the nail on the head. romanticism is nerdy or eccentric. it’s doing what everybody else is not thinking or doing. while my wife and i were enjoying the picnic experience, people walked by like “awwww that’s so sweet” or “damn i should’ve thought of that.”

it’s about confidence and being in touch with sensitive feelings. not all that popular. it’s a show when it’s done otherwise for other reasons or results. it’s real when it’s done from the heart.

(just looking at a response above that frowns on romance). men who are romantic are not that easy to find. romance is an isolated case. your romance is not the same as somebody else’s. the perfect guy can combine romance and take his kids to school and work and pay bills and cook and do stuff around the house, but selective types keep passing him up because he is “that nerd.”

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@escapedone7 i respect your opinion, but just want to say that a mate who is predictable means you will get what “society” says what every woman expects on say, valentines day—the proverbial candy and flowers. my wife don’t like flowers. and a box of chocolates is like, “um, ok???”

romance is knowing your mate, spouse or significant other in a personal way that nobody else knows.

i know my wife likes it when i clean up the house from top the bottom. romantic? NO. but she don’t know how to clean up the house like i do. if i can make her happy by cleaning up the house, then there is the romance. there is the love. love is action and not words or “doing what everybody else does.” you know?

i could’ve been your teddy bear or mr. reliable i guess…

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I think that I’m a romantic…. really hopeless romantic.

but if it’s so, that love can last forever, I’m screwed

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Today my new guy made me pancakes at 3:00 pm and delivered them to work. That’s what I call romantic.

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Doing or saying stuff extra ( like out of your way) to empress, or to make the person feel special. Making their favorite meal, lighting candles. Throwing roses petals on pillows, kissing their hand goodbye. It might even be lightly placing hand on cheek to get their attention,say words like” you know you are my world.” , holding your hand through Mcdonalds drive through. Little things can mean much and make you a romantic.

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