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How can I get rid of stubborn break outs on my nose?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) July 28th, 2010

My nose is by far the most problematic area on my face. It’s been covered with little red bumps/pimples for days now. I wash my face twice a day with strong Clean & Clear face wash (with micro-scrubbers), apply Clean & Clear astringent twice a day, and slather my nose with Benzaclin at night (intense prescription acne medication). Nothing is helping! It’s not period breakouts either, I just had it last week. Any recommendations?

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just watch what you’re eating, whenever i eat almonds i start to break out

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I literally just washed with hot water, then cold water, twice a day for months. Got rid of my acne. Using products and soap was making it worse cos it either blocked the pores, or irritated my skin. I have told friends to do it and it’s worked for them aswell. I still do it and my skin is pretty much always clear, except for when I eat junk, or time of the month

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Break-outs are a mystery to me. Some say it is diet-related; others dispute this theory. Stress has also been mentioned as a factor.

It wasn’t a problem for me until in adulthood. When mentioning it to Mom, she said that Dad had the same issue. Proactive products have worked for me. A young niece sought the assistance of a dermatologist after trying several products to no avail, and her skin is now smooth and clear.

My recommendation would be to try different things until you find what works for you, and go to dermatologist if it gets severe. Good luck, and let us know what works.

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Washing your face and drying it can increase oil production sometimes only in spurts leading to worse skin than if you cleansed less rigorously. I wash my face twice a day, once with a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin – which I don’t have but they’re just nicer to your face in general, and at night I use a homemade scrub and remove eye makeup with olive oil.

Olive oil does not clog pores and is one of the most effective makeup removers I have ever found. I also do a quick swipe on my T zone just to grab whatever powder I used during the day.

I never break out anymore, at worst I get a pimple every few weeks. And like you, my nose was a problem, but also my upper cheeks cheeks. I also used to have moderate acne that became worse following any harsh cleansers and combinations of products. It just dried out my skin too much, I had acne, I bought into the acne product hype as a teen.

To make the scrub take 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons honey, and ½ cup extra fine granulated sugar, mix it all together and put it in a small tupperware container in your bathroom. Some people use it once a week, I use it nearly every day and it softens my skin, cleans it all off and has gotten rid of all my blackheads and pimples.

The best part? My facial care costs me about $15 every three months or so.

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I have soap allergies, so I conquered this by just using steaming hot water on a washrag.

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Is it your time of the month?

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Could be a form of dermatitis – check with your doctor and get an antibiotic cream? It could just as likely be a rash or infection.

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@asmonet Very interesting… the stuff I use is definitely drying, but I thought that’s what I needed. The astringent is for sensitive skin, but the face wash is a “deep cleansing exfoliator” which may be too harsh. The Benzaclin is so drying that your skin tightens and crinkles wherever you apply it. It seemed to help my nose cause it looked like it was drying up the pimples/blackheads, but based on what you said, maybe it makes it worse. I have a gentle face wash by Aveeno, I’ll try going back to that one.

I like the idea of the homemade scrub. Have you ever tried products like St. Ives apircot scrub? Or a sea salt scrub? Are those equally or less effective than something like what you suggested? I’ve used the apricot scrub; like your olive oil one, the directions suggest not using it daily (3–4 days a week).

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I have used exactly the one you mentioned, I’ve tried all kinds of ‘natural’ cleansers, harsh chemical ones, etc. If your skin feels dry and tight after washing it, you’re telling it to increase oil production to protect itself. It becomes a shitty cycle of hell pimples. I settled on the olive oil scrub after trying all those products and nothing worked well for my skin, I just ended up spending hundreds of dollars on a bunch of crap that made my face worse. I threw everything out and started over, within a week my face was moisturized, less oily, felt better after a day out even with makeup and began to balance out. I also use it on my chest and neck in the shower because of it’s moisturizing effects, and sometimes my feet knees and elbows where my skin dries out.

I only use astringent if my face is very oily or sweaty and dirty, like after working out. I never use it as a regular product.

I believe the cleanser I use is Aveeno, very mild, and only used in the morning to remove all the oil from overnight that I have been rubbing into my face and pillow. It’s label has been worn off, I know it by sight only now – I use that little.

Seriously, try it. Keep a cleanser, use the scrub and tough it out for a week or two, it’s worked for me and a bunch of my friends of varying skin types. Hasn’t failed us yet, I’d be surprised if it didn’t work for you. But remember, extra fine sugar, extra virgin olive oil.

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Here’s a picture of me a month after I started using this routine: Click!
Before that – and I’m sorry I can’t find a picture, my chin was broken out, near my nostrils I have two small pimples and blackheads on my nose. Among other bumps and spots. I am not wearing makeup in that picture.

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I think I’ll try it! I have the olive oil but I’m not sure if my sugar at home is “extra fine.” I’ll check it out. It really does seem like the products I’m using is just making matters worse.

I always thought astringent had to be used on freshly cleansed skin. I think I’ll lay off it for now, maybe I’ll only use it after I get home from work. (Day camp… I’m pretty dirty/sweaty by the end of the day). Thanks so much your skin looks great!

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Eh, I just use the astringent out of laziness when I feel gross and don’t want to go to the trouble. :P

And thank you! :)

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Okay, I just made the scrub! I’m not sure if this is normal though: it seems a little too liquidy, and the sugar separated into semi-firm chunks. I’m thinking maybe after I let it sit for a few hours, the sugar will fully absorb the oil/honey and have a more even, mushy texture. Should it have looked like that though?
I followed your measurements/guidelines exactly.

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If it’s too liquidy you can pour out some of the top liquid or use less next time, the scrub is able to be customized fairly easily just take off a tablespoon of each liquid next time. The sugar doesn’t absorb anything, it’s a crystal not a powder, so that’s always going to be there, every time I use it I give it a quick stir, scrub my face pat off excess oil with a towel and seal it up. Sometimes it clumps, sometimes it doesn’t but hey, it’s a bunch of food in a bowl. Can’t expect much. :P

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Well I did a little googling just to check, I found another “recipe” that was a bit different from yours and called for more sugar, proportionately (I believe it was 3 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp honey, ½ cup sugar). So I added a little under a quarter cup of sugar to the mixture, and it was perfect. :)

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Yay! I’m glad you found a consistency that you like, I like mine a bit soupy so I can mix it a bit easier when I use it, but whatever works! And I use the runoff on my elbows and stuff out of convenience. :P

If it works then great! If not, it was worth a shot. :) good luck.

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when i used to use the sauna, i always had sugar honey and limes w/ me, the lime juice brighten up my skin and got rid of the scars from picking at my face while the scrub… well you know that

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Yeah, it’s still a little liquidy, but before it was way too much. I’ll let you know how the new routine works out!

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