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Best earphones that match preferences for under 50$?

Asked by shniernan (981points) July 28th, 2010

So I’m probably the farthest thing you can get from being an audiophile, so I need a little help and a lot of advice. :)

The problem: I need new earphones because of… Uncomfortable earphones, want clearer/better music, want some style (that’s optional, but ill pay the extra 10–20bucks over budget for it), and I need some for the gym and recreational.

Answer possibilities: For the gym I am willing to buy a *headset and in-ear headphones, the *headset for home, and the in-ear’s for the gym. I just need your help!

For the better sound, I’m not sure what I should be looking for…. Bass? What gives you better sound for rock? Not like hardcore, but I don’t listen to like classical only or something.

For the uncomfortable problem, I heard reviews for things saying “You won’t even notice it after a couple of minutes.” That would be AWESOME! But anything comfy would be nice. :)

My budget is 50$, but if it looks awesome (like the ” v-moda vibe gunmetal black” you should check that out), I can probably make some money and go to like 75. Remember, I also might need to buy two, so they both need to add up to 50–75.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! BTW, top 3 competitors right now are these:
Koss PortaPro

Denon AH-C252k

Klipsch S2

Order doesn’t matter, just in general my top three.

*Headset means earphones on your head, not answering calls and stuff.

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For me, Skull Candy’s Full Metal Jacket earbuds fit the bill on all counts. They put out great sound and have interchangeable ear cushions so you can pick the ones that fit your ear best.

I don’t know how stylish they are, but I would highly recommend them.

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they are the type of style i was looking for, nothing crazy fancy, i just didnt want something horrible looking while i was either running or in public. thanks ill check it out.

it is good for working out rite?

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nevermind i read a review…. thanks for the recommendation!

but i just had the “ink’d” skullcandy’s and lost them. i was looking for something with better quality than those. or at least better for running.

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I have these in pink and I love them!

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The only earbuds that I ever really found comfortable were Koss Plugs and the closely related SparkPlug. Most of the “normal” earbuds don’t fit me right (too small, even with the largest caps), don’t isolate outside noise, and lack bass.

However, these babies go down to 10Hz (handy for techno or house music) up to 20KHz, have a good S/N ratio, stay in my ear, and all I hear is the music. I have yet to pay more than $15 for a pair, and I feel that they sound better than many buds I’ve had that cost more. Another benefit is that even when my ipod is off, they provide decent noise protection; pretty handy when you work in a place where earplugs are mandatory. Normal buds or headphones offer little/no protection whereas the Plugs work as well as the “foamies” that most people wear in the shop.

The SparkPlug is no longer made, but there are the Pathfinder which is the SparkPlug with an in-line volume control, and the iSpark which is a black SparkPLug with an inline microphone for use with an iPhone.

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thanks guys, but samantha, i cant run with those…. :( and theyre pink… :)

and jery, i will definitely consider!!!

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@jerv – CHECK THIS OUT!!

this got a great review…. and a great idea…. but why have i never heard of these…? if you can answer that im getting these no doubt, probably gonna get them either way actually!

Thanks for introducing me to these!

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Because when most people think “high quality earbuds”, they don’t even look at anything that costs less than $30. To be honest with you, I was surprised when I first tried them out since I wasn’t expecting much from a “cheap” set of buds either,

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@shniernan : why can’t you run in them? they also come in different colors!

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Apple’s iPod headphones have good sound. They are 30. They fit well. They also have a speaker on them so you can talk through them. Finally they have a volume controll. I use them.

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Sennheiser CXL 400
The come with a handy lanyard and carry pouch.
Sound good and are very comfortable with three different size cushions.
I found them on
Or try:

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