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How To find This Cup.

Asked by GotJinks (29points) March 21st, 2008

I am looking for a drinking glass mug or cup that is clear and you can take it apart an add pictures to it to make it a picture mug/cup/glass. I have seen them before a long time ago but i am looking to find them now.

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You could try ebay or garage sales or thriftvilage/salvation amry/whatever its called where you live

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Starbucks was selling travel mugs like that. They might still have them!

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At Michaels Arts & Crafts, they sell a plastic mug you can put pictures into. They are $1 each.

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yea i have one i got from starbucks.

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was really worried this was a veiled 2g1c reference….

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I looked on the Michaels arts & crafts and the starbucks store websites but i could not find it does anyine have a url ao have you sen any recently. I kind of need to find it soon for a gift.

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Michael’s doesn’t list their products online. The mug I am talking about is made by Darice. You can go to and look at “design a mug”. You can buy it by the case pack from the website or go to Michaels and buy it in smaller quantaties.

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Ooops, quantities too :)

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as much as i may regret saying this, wal-mart probably has em

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Starbucks sells them, but you can also find them at a craft store such as MIchael’s.

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