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Microsoft Outlook troubles, can you help?

Asked by JLeslie (58948points) July 29th, 2010

I cannot send emails, but I can receive. Seems lots of people are having this problem according to Comcast and Microsoft. The thing is Microsoft wants to charge me $49 to help me, and I wanted to see if fluther could help me first. Pisses me off that many many people are having this problem by Microsoft’s own admission, and they still see fit to charge for it.

Initially Comcast had me change my port number and do a test email, the test seemed to work. But, now I still am not sending emails I have written. Here is what happens:

If I go to email accounts and do a test email everything gets a green checkmark except sending an email. I then get a pop box asking me for my user name and password. Once I fill those in the test email goes out, but my outbox does not not release any of the emails I have written. If I try again to do a test email it prompts me again for my username and password just to get the test email out. I did check the box about saving my password, doesn’t seem to matter.


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