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How did Inception affect your dreams?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 29th, 2010

I just kept waking up every time I started dreaming. Anything interesting happen to anyone?

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I now only dream about crappy, over hyped movies.

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Not really an answer to your question, but, when I do wake up from a dream, I am always dreaming about my Mom (who passed away three years ago). I’m thinking that I dream about her every night.

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It didn’t have an effect on my dreams, but it was such a great movie that I love talking about it. The concept was so fresh and new, everything about that movie was professional.

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It didn’t.

I thought the movie wasn’t worth my time and money.

Too simple a concept and too poor in scripting and execution.

@JesusWasAJewbot I am glad to meet someone else that didn’t like it.

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I got a review of that movie from a trusted source and he said I would easily sleep through it.
Maybe you should watch it again?? ;)

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@whitenoise – It was like 2½ hours of characters and story that i didnt care about at all, no immersion. I admit the visuals and everything was really cool, that i did enjoy but i couldnt get over the lack of interest i had in watching these characters dive deeper and deeper into dream worlds.

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Heh, I had no idea that you were talking about a movie. My answer makes no sense, lol.

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@Jesuswasajewbot I see, so essentially you would not have liked it either way? You just didn’t like the characters and were not interested the concept as a whole.

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I’m awfully tired of being disappointed by over-hyped, special effect-driven sci-fi films, and I’m not a fan of anyone in this one (sorry, Leo fans), so I’m not planning to see it. But if I wind up doing so when it comes out on DVD I’ll probably dream that I wished I hadn’t.

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@Austinlad I’m with you, but this movie was good.

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@Austinlad The actual plot and story is what made it good, in my opinion. I was not even concerned with the effects. Do you know what it’s about?

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I thought it was hilarious how it started with Jack washing up from the bottom of the ocean.

No, it didn’t affect my dreams.

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@Blackberry and @Cockswain, I’ve read a lot about it and, being as intrigued with dreams as I am, I’ll probably see it despite my previous cynical comments. Thanks for the input!

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Whatever you think of it (I happened to like it), don’t go see it when you haven’t slept for almost 48 hours. I had quite a trip; not all positive.

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why were you awake that long? Drogas?

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What I found interesting. When I listen to music while sleeping. When they go to a commercial. That “kick” wakes me all the time.

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I was going to see it last night but didn’t feel like going out late. I decided to see an early show today. I ended up having a really long an intense dream before going to see the movie that eerily reminded me of the trailers to the move after I woke up.

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