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Would you like to see a "Thank you for your answer" option available whether you wrote the Q or not?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39100points) July 29th, 2010

There are times I’d really like to thank someone for their answer, but I can’t unless I wrote the question.

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Yes, I have suggested such in the past. I think it is a wonderful idea. You must be brilliant ;)

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@liminal LOL! Why, yes. Yes I am!

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@Dutchess_III I would use the PM.

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@flo Sure, but then you have to find a link to the question, then go find the user….it would just save some steps.

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Okay I see what you mean.

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Good idea, although I enjoy doing it privately.

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Nobody ever wants to thank you bob_!

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I think it’s easy enough to copy the URL, then click on their username to send them a PM.

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IN FACT that works even better, @Seek_Kolinahr! A couple of times I’ve received a “thank you” and the link only goes to the beginning of the question. The way you suggest, however, goes directly to the comment! W00t!

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It wouldn’t hurt to have a Thank You available that everyone could use. For now, I just do it by PM.

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What? GA is not good enough?

Needing to be recognized for recognizing?
Or looking for an option to be better stroked?

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@ChazMaz I was talking about me being able to thank others for a particularly thoughtful or insightful comment.

There’s a better way anyway.

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I’ll pass.

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I would love that,and I will always appreciate a lurve! Believe it or not a ‘thank you’ will make others feel really appreciated and contributive. I’ve been on many QandA sites where I wrote a good/better responses but the OP just say nothing/didn’t score me/appreciate my work there.

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No. To me it is like that frilly paper garter people used to put on lamb chops, when people ate lamb chops. “Here”:

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