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How do you delete a over-wordy, regretted, post?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) July 29th, 2010

How do you undue the result of drunk Fluthering?

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Send a PM to the mods and ask nicely. Just hope you don’t get the evil community manager.

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Chances are that you cannot have it deleted, but asking is your only recourse.

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Notify the staff by sending the URL to the “contact” above and explain what you want.

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You can also flag your own answer.

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I thought I already apologized for that post. Sorry!

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Flag it and give a detailed reason as to why you’d like it removed. We usually won’t remove much of anything without a pretty compelling reason. Look around and you’ll see plenty of other examples of drunken Fluthering, so at least you’re not alone!

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Aaaa! It’s the evil community manager!

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<< Pure evil.

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What @YARNLADY said. Whether or not they think your reason is valid for deletion is beyond me, but that also depends on why you want it deleted, I assume.

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Okay, gang. Nobody give Astro any lurve today. Hahahahaha.

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