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Guys are you attracted to jewels as much as women?

Asked by Pandora (27849points) July 29th, 2010

In movies it always seems like men are attracted to jewels only because its valuable. Women in society can claim to be attracted to jewels simply for their beauty and to use it for adornment. Other than watches and maybe a cross with jewels or the occassional earing, men seem to not want to adorn their bodies with jewels.
Is it because society sees it as a female trait? Or are men not attracted to jewels no matter how pretty?
If it were more widely accepted would you wear emeralds and rubys?
Or do men just don’t feel the need to adorn themselves?
Or do you think it makes you look pretty and not masculine?

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Jewels? What jewels? I see the woman.

I don’t wear any jewelry. It serves no purpose and catches on things.

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We are broke from spending money on women…..Also, I see jewelry in general as shallow. We already have enough in our lifestyle while others do not. Wearing an expensive mineral on me seems arrogant. Although I do like those Movado watches with the black leather strap.

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Both Jewels and gold are a total mystery to me, if nobody had bothered to educate me on their respective values, I would never intuitively surmise their worth. I have seen discarded pebbles on the beach that are more attractive to my eye than the gaudy baubles one sees nestling in the folds of flesh of certain ageing celebrities’ necks.
I echo Blackberry’s words… I see jewelry in general as shallow.

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I’m not attracted to jewels at all. Well, aside from this one.

I don’t like having accessories. Things hanging off of my neck, wrist, fingers, whatever, are uncomfortable to me, and just more bother than I need.

I also don’t like to have things without a practical use. In the accessory world, at least a watch tells you the time—a shiny stone doesn’t do anything, except for be shiny.

I’m not big into art in general, though. That thing behind me on my avatar is about the most artistic thing I own. And that’s a poster from a computer game, which I won in a contest.

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The men in my life do. I designed a Peridot ring for my son and an Onyx ring for my husband. This site believes they do.

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I’m certainly not. I actually find jewelry unattractive. Not a deal-breaker or anything, but it can be a turn-off.

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@Blackberry Cost aside what I wonder about are men not attracted to shiny babbles. I love jewelry. Although I rarely use it. I too find it bothersome. Especially in the summer. For me fake jewelry can be just as pretty. Only when I see a really green beautiful emerald, I can stand there for quite a while admiring it. If I could actually afford something that gorgeous I probably would buy it provided I would still be left with enough money for more practical things.
I’ve loved gems ever since I took a class about jems and stones in the 4th grade. Its not about the value for me but simply the beauty. I find diamonds boring. I love gems and the variety of colors they come in.
@Sarcasm Maybe that has to do with it. But I’ve met men who enjoyed art as well. I love art.

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@Ivan, Do you simply think its gaudy or ugly? Or is it the price tag you are really objecting too.

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Most jewelers are men, aren’t they portrayed as Jewish in movies? Funny how Jewel and Jew are similar.

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I find a lot of jewelry to be ugly, especially if it’s a large piece. Some people say that jewelry accentuates your beauty or draws attention to certain details, but a lot of it does just the opposite. If you’ve got giant hoop earrings or big jewels hanging off 3-inch chains hooked to your ears, that just distracts me from your facial features. Giant rings that dominate your hand, big obnoxious necklaces, etc, these just aren’t appealing to me.

Even if it isn’t ugly, I still don’t see any point to it. I have nothing against wearing a small, sensible pair of earrings that match your outfit or add a bit of sparkle or whatever, but there’s just something I inherently don’t understand. You’re going to impale yourself, then hang a rock from the hole it creates, and that somehow makes you prettier?

That being said, people are free to wear whatever they want. If you think jewelry helps you in some way, go for it. It’s just not for me.

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I see nothing wrong with the actual rocks, but it is what they represent in society. I also think they are beautiful; a completely natural occurence that’s as wonderous as the mystery of space.

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I think the right jewels/jewelry looks classy even attractive on women and even the right do-dad on a guy can look stylin’. Bling can be cool when not overdone.

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@truecomedian: That was a very nasty comment without a grain of truth.

Funny how hungry and Hungarians are similar.
Funny how polish and Poles are similar.
Funny how moron and Monrovians are similar.
Funny how often comedians are not funny.

There are a number of orthodox Jews in the diamond district on W.47th st in NYC;

However, nearby are Tiffany’s, Cartier’s, Bulgari’s, etc.

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Geez, lighten up, I’m a jew.

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@truecomedian I have to say that it is true that for hundreds of years it has been primarily men who were jewelers. But I think it has more to do with the value of the jewel. Lets face it. Countries where discovered simply for the sake of finding gold or jewels to make their countries rich.
But I find most men don’t even come close to wearing as much jewelry as women except for rock stars, who do it as a status symbol.
So it made me wonder if there may be another reason men don’t seem to be attracted to jewelry.
@Cruiser. I think that most people think of over done when I mention jewelry. I am simply talking about the aesthetics beauty of it. Yeah, not Mr. T. (oh, just agreeing with you.)
@Blackberry Exactly.

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Isn’t it more true that some Corporation becomes rich and the country’s people used as cheap labor?

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@Pandora I am wearing my pendant necklace with one red ruby. ;)

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@truecomedian True but I’m talking more about columbus time. Less corporations more kings and queens. But I’m still just wondering about mens attraction to jewels or non attraction.
@Cruiser Cool! Thats what I’m talking about. I don’t think jewels should just be for women. I find even a small tasteful earing on a guy can be attractive and give them a more youthful appearance.

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IMO its a fucking rock. Ohhhhhh shinyy…. stfu. There are much cooler things in life to spend money on than rocks.

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@uberbatman Another person missing the point. Simply wanted to know if men were attracted to jewels. Put a Ferrari in front of a guy and he drools. I don’t happen to find them to be so grand. However with a lot of guys, I think its more about status but many guys will say its about the beauty of the car.
Another thing. Whenever you don’t like a question, you do always have the option of opting out of answering it. No one is twisting your arm. I’m simply asking this question out of curiosity.
Nor am I saying guys must buy jewelry.
However by your answer I will say you simply don’t like pretty rocks as you put it. Got ya.

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@Pandora I am a man. I think theyre fucking rocks. What point did i miss?

Sorry i tend to not stereotype things on what men or women like, i can only speak for myself as an individual.

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@uberbatman I liked your answer.

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well i think the female view is something shiny, valuable, and how pretty it looks on us…..

The male view seems to be egotistical about how they’re “BALLIN’” and their ‘ipod is solid gold and doesn’t even work its just a hunk of gold they carry around” lol so in that sense it makes them better than you…=P i hate that mentality.

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I’m not big on jewelry or tatoos. Outside of an occasional nice pair of earrings jewelry does not make a women more attractive to me. As far as I go, outside of a nice watch (don’t know if you would count that as jewelry) I’m not into any type of jewelry myself. Better things to spend money on.

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I’m with @uberbatman. To me they’re just shiny rocks. I find shiny rocks in the driveway, and you can find shiny metal from any roll of aluminum foil. As far as jewelry goes for men, I enjoy things that are clever. So I have an affinity for skeleton watches where you can see how the thing works. It’s pretty mesmerizing and beautiful to think someone dreamed how everything fits together to make those hands turn with such precision.

Also, the way gemstones are mined is absolutely sickening. Diamonds aren’t even rare, they’re just scarce because DeBeers owns the vast majority of them and deliberately locks them away. When I see bling on a woman, I wonder if she’d be willing to wear a necklace from the teeth of the children that died to make her ring.

I always thought a meteorite would be so much cooler to fashion into jewelry for women. Think about it, it’s been floating through the heavens for billions of years and happens to find it’s way to Earth and survive the trip through the atmosphere. To me, that’s infinitely more special than something that can be recreated in a machine.

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@gorillapaws One can always get conflict free diamonds from Canada. However, I don’t think most people in general think about where a gem came from.

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The sort of men who adorn themselves in gold and jewels around here are not the sort of men I want to emulate. Basically if you’re male in the UK and wearing a lot of jewelry you’re a gangster or a drug dealer. I don’t find that kind of image attractive at all. The only jewelry I wear is a plain wedding ring, and a cheap wristwatch.

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Its jewels for the women and chrome for the men.

Just ask any trucker.

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@gorillapaws i agree, meteorites are wayyyyy cooler.

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@truecomedian Yeah, real funny and you being a Jew makes it even less so

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onyx is kool. is that a jewel?

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@Dewey420: Sort of; it’s a a semiprecious variety of agate with different colors in layers.

Agate is an ornamental stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony, typically banded in appearance.

Chalcedony a is microcrystalline type of quartz occurring in several different forms, including onyx, agate, and jasper.

Quartz is a hard white or colorless mineral consisting of silicon dioxide, found widely in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It is often colored by impurities (as in amethyst, citrine, and cairngorm).

I’m stopping here; it’s like opening Russian nesting dolls.

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@gailcalled Saweet! thanks. so i like agate. the ornamental stone. :)

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Thanks for the response, that was really a difficult shot to take. For all you know I could be a lot like you.

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